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How to Find Mom Friends

Do you have a group of friends that you can count on whenever you need something? These are the people that love you for who you are! The ones you invite over when your house is a mess and you are still in your pajamas. These are the people that accept your flaws and shortcomings. Friends like these are the ones that can tell it to you straight and you will always listen. You trust these women with all your secrets and worries. They are the ones you call when your kids need to be picked up from school or you are just having a bad day and need to vent! Have you noticed how hard it is to find these friends?

Thanks, Digital World!

Because we have become a digital world it has become increasingly hard to find mom friends! We all feel so alone, although we are so connected through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks.

Stay at home moms feel like they are going to go crazy when they have no one to talk to all day.

Moms whose kids have left home are struggling with what to do with their time and really wish they had someone to talk to.

The widow who lost their husband 6 months ago wants to connect and feel needed.

The working mom wants someone to vent to about the office meeting that went terribly wrong.

Let’s face it We all want Good Friends and we NEED them too!

Why We Need Good Friends?

We all need good friends! As women, we need that interaction. We need that sense of belonging. And let’s be honest, having good friends is good for your health! Honest and truly, loneliness puts you at a great health risk than smoking! Can you believe that?

So How do we find these Mom Friends that we so desperately need for our health and sanity?

7 Ways You Can Find Mom Friends

Take Kids to Activities and Practices

Staying at practice and activities exposes you to other parents. You are able to put names of kids your friends talk about with their faces. As you sit and watch, you casually talk to parents and have conversations. These small conversations can over time turn into meaningful friendships.

Start talking!

Start talking to others. This puts you out there. It might be awkward at first, but it gets easier over time.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you are usually quiet and reserved it is hard to put yourself out there. Finding friends might require you to talk a little bit more than you are used to. If you like sports, it might mean joining a new team in the area. If you have kids, it might mean joining a local playgroup.

Look for Shared Interests

Look for things you have in common with others. Maybe you like the same brand of shoes. Maybe you both have little girls. Perhaps she is reading a book you have been wanting to read. Look for these things and start conversations about them! Chances are you will have more things in common!

Be Real

Don’t find friends by being something you are not. Nothing is worse than finding a friend and then realizing they aren’t the same person that you met.

Be Open and Don’t Judge

Isn’t it so easy to judge as adults? “They are too perfect! They will never like me!” “Look at her hair, has she brushed it this week?” So often our initial reaction is harsh and so off! So don’t judge. Go into meeting new people with an open mind and don’t judge. Really get to know them, because who knows it might end up being your best friend!

Don’t Give Up!

Sometimes you will meet someone and it won’t be a good fit. They might be a great acquaintance, but not your BFF and that’s ok! I mean this will probably happen a lot! Just keep trying and you will soon find your perfect group of friends that you can count on!

Some other Helpful HInts When Finding New Mom Friends

Try not to over analyze.

Don’t Facebook stalk.

Don’t fret over potential hangouts.

Making friends can be difficult but will find the perfect group of mom friends in no time!

Just Moved and looking for friends? Start here!

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  1. Mom dating, is what my friend and I call it. It’s hard, but you have a lot of good points. I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone and meeting more people. Best friends don’t often happen overnight, but give it time and things do move along to lasting friendships. Great post!

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