Finding the Perfect Balance as a Mom

Finding the perfect balance as a mom can be a challenge! We are always being pulled so many different directions. We have some simple tips to help you out!


How to Find the Perfect Balance as a Mom

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Do ever feel like you are the tug of war rope being pulled every which way to try to make everyone happy? Do you struggle to find a balance between kids, your spouse, volunteering, cleaning, and time just for you?

If you are like me you can’t even make it to the bathroom by yourself and you walk around with half painted toenails because you don’t have an extra 5 minutes.

As moms, we naturally put EVERYONE and EVERYTHING before anything we do for ourselves. And let’s be honest there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done, so we go without taking care of needs or desires.

Can I just tell you how many days I have gone without a shower because I just didn’t have time? Ok… So maybe I won’t tell you… 🙂

Getting time each day, even if it is 5 minutes,  for ourselves is a must to escape mom funk! But how do we do find this time when we already feel pulled a million different directions?

We learn to balance our time a little differently.


Make a Planning Day

Each Sunday night I sit down with my handy planner and look at the week ahead. Remember the last post about planning with a purpose?  I think about the major things I want to accomplish that week.

Some things could be: Declutter the playroom, deep clean the kitchen, clean out the garage, bleach the showers, etc. I write these things on various days that I will accomplish them.

By doing this it helps me balance my time and find more “me time” in the week!


Plan Where You Need to be this Week

Write down your appointments for each day. Who has practiced and when? Write who has games, choir concerts, or band performances. Are you volunteering this week or have church commitments? Write those too! From there we start planning a little bit more!


Plan your Dinners.

What are you going to eat this week? What nights are crazy busy and require Crockpot or pexels-photo-271696Instant Pot meals?

I plan all my meals for the whole week on Sunday.

There was a time when I used to stand in front of the fridge thinking about what I should make or trying to come up with a quick meal last minute; I no longer waste time doing this because each night is already planned.

Click to download my Hey Good Lookin’ Meal Planner! 

I also take advantage of Walmart’s grocery pickup to save time each week by not having to shop! If you haven’t tried Walmart Grocery yet click here to get $10.00 off a $50.00 purchase on your first pick up order. I have noticed by using this I also save tons of money by not being tempted as I wander up and down each of the isles.


Plan Your Cleaning Schedule

Write in your planner when you are cleaning what. This takes the guesswork out of what is being done each day.

There are some great cleaning schedules on Pinterest for you to get ideas from to organize your cleaning schedule.


Plan and Schedule Date Night

If you don’t schedule time with your spouse then before you know it the end of the week is here and you haven’t been on a date yet. And we all remember Why We Date right? 🙂

Put it in your planner, find a babysitter, and go enjoy each other’s company, you deserve a night out!


Plan Time with the Kids

IMG_8712I know this sounds awkward because you might think why do I need to do this, but when you make a plan it is more intentional rather than just trying to squeeze five minutes in here and there.

Chase comes home and loves to have a snack together. As we eat we chat and laugh about whatever is on his mind.

Colby loves me to pick him up from school. So this is his time. Yes, I have the two littles with us, but they sit in the back of the car and watch a movie. Colby talks the whole way home about his day and all the interesting happenings of middle school.

Talie loves to read so I block off part of TJ’s nap time to read to her and snuggle together. TJ gets plenty of bonding time while he eats :).

Is this the only time I spend with my kids in a day? No, but this is an intentional time where they have my full attention to really focus on them.

When I do this, they seem to interrupt less throughout the day when I am in the middle of something.


Plan Time With Your Spouse

We already have Date Night planned, but let’s be intentional as well and figure out some other times to spend with our spouses.

I know that on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday we have some of our favorite shows on! So I know that this is a time where we get to spend together. I don’t fold laundry or play on my phone; we just hang out and watch the show and talk during commercials. This is a perfect balance for us! He loves TV and I love to talk!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have to be a little more creative, but we know that we are spending at least 15 minutes together with no interruptions to strengthen our marriage whether that be sitting talking in the living room, going for a walk, or driving to a sporting event together!


Plan Me Time

When is a time that you can dedicate to doing something for yourself at least once a


My designated time is nap time. I can count on Talie taking a nap 4 out of the 7days 🙂 and I can hopefully count on TJ being asleep at the same time as her for at least 20 minutes one of those days.

This is when I read a book, paint my toenails, work on a sewing project, whatever I want to do just for me!


Finding The Perfect Balance as a Mom

As we plan we begin to find balance in our lives and find more available “me” time. We also begin to see if we are focusing too much on one thing (volunteering) and maybe not enough time on something better (spouse and kids).

As we find the perfect balance we no longer feel like the tug of war rope being pulled a million different directions all at the same time. As we balance better in our lives we can finally escape mom funk because we are able to feel better about what we are doing in our lives!

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What is going to be your perfect balance?


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  • disorientedmom

    I really, really need to plan more. On the rare occasions I do, I usually deviate from my own plan because something else came up. It’s my endless struggle.

    October 22, 2017 at 11:01 am Reply
  • Terra Bryant

    Great read! As a mother, I totally feel this- all of the time. Perhaps I should plan more, I’m definitely more of a spontaneous gal!

    October 18, 2017 at 6:03 am Reply
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