How a Food Allergy Treatment Changed Our Lives

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Food allergies are stressful. I had to find something to help my kids live a normal life. A life-changing food allergy treatment helped us!

How a Food Allergy Treatment Changed Our Lives

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There aren’t any definitive answers for food allergies. I’m well aware of this. The weight of having to deal with allergies to food can be very anxiety-ridden. And as a mom, I feel like I always have something on my radar that I’m trying to solve or come to a conclusion with, including finding a food allergy treatment. I was also struggling with thoughts of how I was going to be successful at keeping my kids safe with their food allergies.

As time went on and life seemed to be throwing me more and more curveballs with dealing with food allergies, I became a little obsessive about it searching for an answer. I so desperately wanted my son to have a normal social life.  And as we all know, food is a big part of social gatherings and much of how we function on a day-to-day basis.


Food Allergy Treatment


The Challenge

My search for a food allergy treatment for my kids started soon after I found out my son has several severe food allergies. I would go through streaks where I would look relentlessly and then feel defeated and stop for periods of time. It was sort of a cycle.

One morning I felt that a specific thought for certain wording had been put into my mind for finding a food allergy treatment. At this time in my life, there was a lot going on and I didn’t feel like I had the energy to act on the prompting that I had been given.

I was going to college full time and had three young children to care for. On top of this normal daily stuff, we were also contemplating a cross-country move for a new job opportunity. I felt overwhelmed and really didn’t want to deal with anymore failure. Burnout seemed to be right on the horizon.

The thought kept coming to me and I kept shoving it down. My thoughts revolved around not having the time or energy for a new undertaking. Looking back, this wasn’t the answer to my problems and I was finding excuses. Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way (or maybe it’s just me).


The Search

Food Allergy TreatmentI finally sat down at my computer one early morning as my husband was getting ready for work. With my kids all asleep and no homework to do, it felt like a breath of fresh air and the right time to take on the challenge! And then the words came to my mind again.

“Search for desensitize peanut allergy.”

I had always used many different words, synonyms, and definitions when searching for food allergy cures. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had used the word “desensitize” in my past searches with no success. There was a pretty low chance of something new coming up for food allergy treatment, right?


There is absolutely no cure for food allergies! But there is a food allergy treatment that can change your world.

This time was it was different. A peanut patch study came up. We lived in Idaho at the time, and there aren’t any big hospitals or colleges that practice research medicine, so I didn’t think too much of it especially since I had seen it in the past. More scrolling. I found a Facebook Group. I was a member of several food allergy groups on Facebook, but this one looked different. It was talking about dosages and children actually eating peanuts.

Could this be a cure? No.

There is absolutely no cure for food allergies! But there is a food allergy treatment that can change your world.


The Find

Are you intrigued? I was too! The Facebook group was called OIT 101, Oral Immunotherapy Treatment for Food Allergies. WHAT?! A treatment? I immediately clicked on it and requested to join and scrolled through questions, conversations, and comments for hours.

I just knew this is what was going to help my son, Brandon!

As I researched, I actually found a doctor in the Boise Area that practiced OIT and made an appointment with him. He was wonderful and explained the process that a person undergoes in order to become an OIT graduate.

Something I had to remember was that this food allergy treatment was not a cure. Oral Immunotherapy is a treatment that desensitizes the body to a certain amount of intake. My son would always technically have his food allergy. But, he wouldn’t be sent into anaphylaxis if he accidentally touched another child with peanut butter on their hand.


There is absolutely no cure for food allergies! But there is a food allergy treatment that can change your world.


The Move

Something that was really hard in this whole process was our anticipated move. After finding a doctor that was ready to help us with Brandon’s peanut allergy, I didn’t want to move away. Thankfully, I was able to find a new doctor in Kansas, where we ended up moving. He actually helped me discover my daughter’s food allergy to peanuts and found Brandon’s allergy to sesame as well. This was huge because both of my kids were able to go through the OIT treatment together.


The Food Allergy Treatment

food allergy treatmentThe desensitization process begins with getting allergy tests and panels done. We did bloodwork, scratch tests and even an oral challenge with some foods to be sure everything was addressed before beginning because we wanted to be sure we had all of our bases covered. Because we did this preliminary work, we found my daughter’s peanut allergy and my son’s sesame allergy. The process was streamlined for us because we were able to do take on all of these allergies at once through the process instead of several times.

Then it begins!

Day 1 is probably the most daunting. You pretty much spend the entire day at the doctor’s office gradually updosing with the allergen, starting at super minuscule amounts.

Once you get through Day One, you get to dose at home. Daily dosing differs with different doctors. We had to dose once a day and have a 2 hour rest period. So my kids would get home from school, do their dose and then do their homework and play quiet games for a couple of hours.

On my kid’s final updose appointment, they ate 16 peanuts! Wow! I know. AMAZING!

We have now been in maintenance for over a year with no issues. My kids eat peanuts every single day and we don’t worry about cross-contamination or much of anything else having to do with food. 

It’s so freeing!

How a Food Allergy Treatment Changed Our Lives

I don’t have to worry about grocery shopping being stressful and I enjoy being out and about with my kids without worry.



If you are interested in this treatment, go to, search Facebook for OIT 101 and get on Instagram and Twitter and search the hashtag #OITworks. You’re also welcome to comment, and I can connect with you to try and help you through the process as much as possible with this specific food allergy treatment. It is amazing! 

What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate! This Food Allergy treatment truly is life changing!


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