8 Best Love Language Gifts for People With a Gift Giving Love Language

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The Gift Giving Love Language is all about sharing your love through the exchange of gifts! Looking for ways to do that with the people you love? Here’s some great tips plus 8 great gift ideas!

Gift Giving Love Language 

I don’t mean to brag, but I am the best gift giver! I spend hours searching for the perfect thing that shows just how much I love another person. The Gift Receiving and Gift Giving Love Language is right at the top of my list!

It was a pretty eye-opening experience for me when I opened up my husband’s junk drawer to find the very well-thought-out engraved keychain I got him several birthdays ago. 

I thought it would mean so much to him that he wouldn’t be able to wait to put in on his key ring so he could look at it each day.

Boy was I wrong. When I asked him about it he said he had just forgotten about it. I couldn’t believe it! But when I thought about our love languages, it all made sense.

When I give a gift, to me it’s a physical manifestation of how much I love someone. And though I’ll admit I was a little upset about the keychain at first, it makes sense because my husband isn’t a gift giving love language kind of guy. To him it was just a keychain!

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Understanding the Love Language: Gifts 

There are so many reasons to exchange gifts. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and other holidays are just the beginning. And perhaps those gifts are just trinkets and things to you, but if your love language is gifts then they are the perfect way to show someone how much you care.

Understanding love languages can help you understand when someone is trying to express their love. 

If you are the one who expresses love through gifts, then understanding that some people, like my husband, don’t share that deep meaning through gifts can mean less hurt feelings on your side!

And if you are someone who doesn’t feel that loving feeling surrounding gifts, then understanding that someone you love might be trying to express love in that way might help you to be more mindful when you are both giving and receiving gifts.

Giving Vs Receiving Gifts Love Language

It’s been argued that giving gifts and receiving gifts love language are two different things. What do you think? 

While it’s true that I love giving gifts, I tend to feel a bit uncomfortable when I’m getting one!

Though the love languages don’t split up gifts into 2 categories, it’s very possible that someone can feel love far more by either giving or receiving gifts. But the idea that gifts are expressions of love is true for the gifts love language whether you’d rather give or receive. 

What Makes a Good Gift? 

Is it how much you spend that makes a more thoughtful gift? It depends on the person, but usually that’s not the case! 

Most people who feel love through gifts would say that a sweet gift, no matter the cost can bring some serious loving feelings!

I know that when my daughter spends time coloring me a picture it means more to me than any fancy gift I’ve ever received.

The key to the perfect gift is often thoughtfulness, not money.

8 Gift Ideas to Impress Someone With a Gift Giving Love Language

Want to really impress someone whose love language is gifts? Surprise them with something special!

Even if it’s just for a small occasion or no occasion at all, a little gift will make them feel so loved.

Remember not to worry too much about what the gift is. Just the act of you choosing to get them something will be sure to impress! And if you need help, try one of these thoughtful gift ideas!

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Personalized Jewelry 

For the jewelry lovers out there, a great choice is a personalized 

Try a family tree necklace for someone with children or grandchildren, a birthstone ring, or a bracelet with their name or initial!


How many of us have time to sit and make a scrapbook anymore? I know I don’t. If someone made a cute little memory book for me I would definitely be impressed! 

The great thing about scrapbooks is that you can make one for just about anything! A memory scrapbook of all your favorite times together, a wedding book, a high school graduation present, a baby book, and more!

With a nice set of paper, a good scrapbook, and some printed pictures you could make something really special for a loved one.

Digital Photo Frame

Say goodbye to classic frames, because digital photo frames are so much fun! With a digital frame, you can add as many photos as you want for a slideshow experience that a traditional frame won’t be able to compete with!

These frames are great for anyone, but especially grandparents if you add on plenty of pictures of their grandkids!

Date Jar

Okay, this one is a little selfish too since you’ll also be able to enjoy it, but a date jar is a great idea for a gift for your spouse!

Grab a cute jar and decorate it to your liking. Then write different date ideas on slips of paper and toss them in. Pull out a slip of paper when you want to go on a date and do whatever it says!

Recordable Book

Recordable books are great options for someone you love who lives far away. You can record your voice reading the pages and all they have to do is press a button to have you read it to them.

It’s a special way to say “I wish I was there”!

Personalized Book

Speaking of books, a personalized children’s book is what I got for my husband for Christmas one year and he loved it! It’s unique and a great gift for someone with kids or grandkids. 

There’s lots of companies that will add your name and a personalized cartoon character into a story for a really sentimental gift. 

Water Bottle Filled With Treats

My old reliable gift idea that I’m always getting for friends and neighbors is a new nice water bottle filled with little gifts!

Keep it simple and fill it with their favorite candy, or personalize it with some of their favorite little things! I love adding in some chapstick, nail polish, and hair ties for my girlfriends! 


If someone you know is graduating, has recently had a baby, is starting a new career, or has another change in their life, a journal could be the perfect gift!

Letting them know that the time in their life is special and should be remembered is such a sweet sentiment. 

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  1. I totally think giving gifts and receiving gifts are two separate love languages. I love to give gifts, and while surprises are fun, I do not enjoy receiving them nearly as much as giving them—it is truly an act of love for me to give. Love the gift ideas too!


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