Don’t Blink! They Grow Up Too Fast!

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Parenting is really hard. But it’s so worth it! Enjoy it, even the difficult things, because it will be gone too soon. These kids grow up too fast!

Yesterday…Today…One Day


Yesterday I got nothing done because we were on a two-hour delay from school.

Today I had to drive everyone to school because it was simply “too cold” they said to get on the bus.

But one day I won’t have any kids at home anymore to help get ready in the morning.

Yesterday I did 5 loads of loads of laundry and it still didn’t look like I had done any.

Today I have washed, dried, and folded 4 loads of laundry and have three more to do.

But one day my washer and dryer will be empty and there won’t be folded piles all over the table.

Yesterday I slept all day because I had mastitis.

Today I fed a child 9 times taking up approximately 4 hours of my day.  

But one day my kids will be grown and I won’t get those precious moments with them anymore.

Yesterday I listened to my baby “cry it out” until I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Today I was greeted by my 2-year-old at 10 o’clock at night who was scared and didn’t want to sleep alone.

But one day my bed will only be filled with the snores of my husband.

Yesterday I picked up a gazillion toys around the house.

Today I picked up a gazillion and one toys, 19 pairs of shoes, 5 winter jackets, and 13 socks.

But one day I will have a perfectly clean house but will be missing the kids who made the mess because they will be grown and have their own kids making messes in their house.

Yesterday I said “uh huh” about 30 times to the kids when I wasn’t really listening because I was trying to get something done.

Today I let the kids play video games and watch TV so I could get something done.

But one day I will wish there was someone to talk to and someone to do something with.

Yesterday I rolled my eyes when Colby slid into home plate when he really didn’t have to just to get his pants dirty.

Today Tony got sweet potato puree all over his brand new shirt.

But one day I will no longer stand in the laundry room for hours trying to remove stains, thinking of the memories of how they got there.

Yesterday I ran kids to sports practices, choir concerts, band performances, church activities, and got to eat PB and J for dinner in the car because it’s all I had time for.

Today it will be spent doing pretty much the same thing minus help from Ty because he’s out of town.

But one day I will wish I had these days back spending time watching the kids do things that they love.

Yesterday I was the worst mom in the world because I made the kids clean their room.

Today I will again be the worst mom in the world when I make them clean the playroom and put their laundry away.

But one day they will thank me for teaching them to be organized and clean.

Yesterday I felt like a failure as a parent.

Today I don’t feel much better about that.

But one day I will look back and realize that I did something right because my kids turned out pretty good!

Don’t Blink! They Grow Up Too Fast!

So with that being said, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I will keep making plans and to do lists that need changing when something comes up with the kids. I’ll keep doing laundry day after day so the kids have their favorite shirt to wear the next day. I will treasure the moments of feeding my baby rather than dwelling on what else I “could be doing.”

So today I will snuggle my baby until he learns to fall asleep on his own. I’ll welcome our daughter into our bed at any hour. I will listen more when my kids talk. Tomorrow I will cheer louder when Colby slides into home. I will praise Tony for actually eating real food after trying for a month to get him to eat. I will happily treasure the time in the car of having time with the kids while on the way to their activities. On the days I am called the “worst mom in the world” it will mean that I am doing something right.

Because one day all these things will just be distant memories we wish we still had when our kids are grown.

Embrace It

Parenting is hard. There are days where I wonder if I am making a difference. Other days  I feel like I am failing. There are days that I wish I could go to the bathroom by myself. Maybe even take more than a two-minute shower. But then I look at my kids and ask where the time has gone. Where have all my little babies gone? And then I think, one day this will all be gone, and I’m going to miss this!one day this will all be gone, and I’m going to miss this!one day this will all be gone, and I’m going to miss this!

What are you going to miss most when your kids aren’t so little anymore?

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Don't Blink! They Grow Up Too Fast!

Don't Blink! They Grow Up Too Fast!

8 thoughts on “Don’t Blink! They Grow Up Too Fast!”

  1. Man! That hit me right in the heart! I have a test year old and a one year old and I’ll have a newborn in two months. I’ve been wanting to get my big boy to sleep in his room but then I have these thoughts… I’ll miss those cuddles so much. It’s so hard to let go.

  2. Aw, this is so sweet! My kids are ages 10-14 and it is true most of what drove me nuts as a mom of babies and toddlers is gone. I do miss the messy kisses and the feeling of their tiny arms wrapped around them neck for a quick hug.

  3. I miss all of it! My kids are grown and I now have grandchildren and I love to go to their homes and do all those things to help out. You never stop missing those tiny Little’s that grew up to be amazing adults! Enjoy your Little’s they grow up way too fast!


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