My Kids are Growing Up too Fast!

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The other day I realized that my kids are growing up too fast when it was time to buy new shoes! Why do our kids have to grow up so fast?


My Kids are Growing Up too Fast!

Life UnEdited #12

The other day I looked down at my son’s shoes and noticed they looked pretty tattered. It didn’t phase me too much. He seemed to be known in the past for being really rough on his shoes. My kids typically go through 2 to 3 pairs of shoes in one school year. They play so hard at school and are growing at alarming rates.


Later that day we went to sign him up for baseball.  We had to go and get some cleats and a new mitt before the season started.  

I assigned his dad to take him to the sports store. It was a good opportunity to make it a special outing for the two of them. Literally five seconds into their errand I get a text asking what his shoe size is.  I roll my eyes and tell him he is a 12. So, then I get another text inquiring if I’m sure. I sigh and tell him to get his foot measured since he obviously didn’t trust my mom knowledge.

But guess what?  


Dad for the win on this one! A salesperson came over to measure his feet and found some great quality cleats. My son now wants to wear said shoes 24/7 because…they actually fit his feet.

He wasn’t a 12 anymore.  His feet had grown TWO SIZES and he actually needed a size 1.

Go figure! Maybe that’s why there were holes at the tips of his sneakers?! Look like I may need to make another Target run here in the near future. You know, to get him some new shoes. 😉

Those darn kids and their growing up! How is it that it’s happening right before my eyes, yet I need a shoe size to remind me? I can’t ever keep up and the time is flying by way too fast.

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