12 Free Spooky Cute Halloween Bookmarks

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Add some “BOO” to your books with these adorable kid-friendly Halloween bookmarks! All you need is a printer and a few minutes to make all your spooky reading dreams come true.

Free Printable Halloween Bookmarks For Book Lovers

We are full of readers in my house, and when October comes around my kids and I can’t wait to grab their Halloween Bookmarks

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Especially as we run through our Halloween books for kids, we can’t resist adding a little more candy, witches, ghosts, and more into our reading sessions! 

These printable Halloween Bookmarks are just a download away, easy to print and cut out, and can be used for years of spooky fun! Scroll down to grab your download!

Pair these with our other Halloween activities like our Halloween Color By Number Sheets, our Free Printable Halloween Thank You Card, or our Free Halloween Word Scramble Printable to keep the kids entertained all season long!

Why I love Bookmarks For Kids (and adults too!)

I know these may just seem like simple bookmarks, but I’m a firm believer that anything that makes reading enjoyable for kids is totally worth it! 

We all know that reading is so healthy! Books build understanding, increase cognitive skills, and help relationships. So any encouragement to bring out the books is a win.

My kids are all different in their relationship and level with reading, but when I bring these Halloween Bookmarks out they are all having fun! 

pin image: halloween bookmarks with flying bats and a kid witch

Teaching Kids to Use Bookmarks

If you have young kids that are new to bookmarks, these ones are a great place to start! If you are still reading short picture books, you could have your kids use the bookmarks to put in the next book they want to read.

For older kids who are starting chapter books, you’ll just use the bookmarks as you normally would. Place it in a page to mark your spot or a favorite page you want to come back to.

I find that it’s helpful to let them do the book-marking on their own to help them understand the purpose of the bookmark. And once they do it’s so helpful! No more searching for the page they are looking for!

How I Use My Printable Halloween Bookmarks

I’m a big fan of using these Halloween bookmarks in our home, but there are so many other ways to use them!

Halloween is always so full of parties, giveaways, and gifts. It can be a little overwhelming! So why not have something easy and useful in your back pocket like these cute bookmarks for kids?

Here are my favorite ways we’ve used our printable Halloween bookmarks:

  • As teacher’s gifts for the classroom
  • As a goodie-bag treasure at a Halloween party
  • As an alternative to candy for trick-or-treaters
  • As a chance for your kids to give gifts to friends
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Printable Halloween Bookmarks

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Making Your Halloween Bookmarks

Once you have your download, all you need to do is print them out on some cardstock, cut them with a paper cutter (my very favorite is the Swingline Paper Cutter), and put them to good use!

Pro tip! Use easy laminating sheets to laminate all your bookmarks for kids to help them last for years on end.

You could even hole-punch the top of the bookmark and add a little festive Halloween ribbon to the top too!

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