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Is it that Hard to Aim?

Life UnEdited #7

Is it that Hard to Aim?

What is up with the boys in our lives? Is everything the urinal? I have even caught one of them, who shall remain nameless actually peeing on the side of my house like a dog… (Mad face) But seriously everything is their own personal toilet. Is it that hard to go inside to the bathroom and aim?

And then once they get there is it that hard to aim in the toilet? We don’t need pee on the shower curtain, or the toilet seat (it moves up and down in case you didn’t know) or the floor. Aim for the water, certainly, it isn’t that complicated. I mean really I shouldn’t have to check to make sure I don’t sit in pee, should I? And then you know that lever on the side… Well, it moves up and down and flushes what’s in there ESPECIALLY your stinky poo… Is this ALL BOYS? Or are mine just that lazy?


This is life UnEdited. It is raw and real and the true happenings of life! IS your Life Unedited like mine? Share your experience in the comments to give other moms a good laugh!



2 thoughts on “Is it that Hard to Aim?”

  1. All boys! I remember a grandson thinking my bushes were his toilet for a #2!!!! Funny now, his mom did not think so at the time!!!

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