How Eating Fat Makes You Thin

Did you know that eating fat can make you thin? Making sure to consume healthy fats really does balance your diet and maintain a healthy weight.

Did you know that eating fat can make you thin? Making sure to consume healthy fats really does balance your diet and maintain a healthy weight.

How Eating Fat Makes You Thin

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A popular New Years resolution is to lose weight after the holidays. There always seem to be plenty of fatty foods offered and no motivation to exercise around the holidays. It’s so easy to justify piling on the pounds.


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A diet is a great way to burn off the extra calories and slim down, but it definitely has its downsides. It can be boring and hard to stick with a specialized diet over a long period of time. Preparing and eating the same kinds of foods gets tedious after a while and that’s when the cravings start to get stronger. These are some reasons why being educated on how eating fat can help you stay thin is so important!


For those that don’t think it’s possible, take a look at these pointers on how eating fat can make you thin.

It’s A Myth

Okay, the fact that fats make you put on weight isn’t a total and utter falsehood. When fats aren’t burned off properly, they are stored by the body. That’s when weight gain happens!


However, the main culprit isn’t saturated fats – it’s sugar. The average person eats more of the refined white stuff than any other nutrient. The figure is around 300 pounds per year. Quite simply, the body can’t burn off this amount of sugar and it is turned into fat as a result. So, cutting down on consuming the sweet stuff is a wise option if you’re looking to lose some extra pounds.


Low-Fat Diets Are Full Of Sugar

To compound the issues that go along with dieting, the majority of diets that appear to be healthy aren’t because they are full of sugary products! It may not seem like it at first glance. But remember, food doesn’t have to be covered in a thin layer of powdered sugar to be sweet.


Starchy food products end up increasing the sugar levels in your body. Think pasta and bread. Having pasta smothered in a sugary sauce with a hunk of garlic bread on the side truly isn’t a very healthy meal. Most people find this surprising! Just know that complex carbs, which substitute for fats, aren’t good in high amounts. It’s better to stick with fats than it is sugars.


You Don’t Need To Burn Carbs

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of fuel. So, when you have some in your system, they will get burned off before anything. Considering you need to target your fat reserves, this is a problem.


The Ketogenic diet has become really popular. This is because the focus is on reducing carbs, not on calories. Because of that focus on carbs, the body enters into ketosis and begins to eliminate fat stores rather than glucose. Eating fats mean that the carbs in your system will deplete within two to three days. Then, every time you workout, you’ll target the flabby areas of your body.


Omega 3’s

For those who haven’t heard about omega 3’s, let us explain.  Omega 3’s contain fatty acid with a host of health benefits. For example, they contain ALA, EPA, and DHA in abundance. All three are very important for our diet!


It’s also notable that EPA is a natural antidepressant. It fights ailments such as depression and bipolar disorder. They are also packed with anti-inflammatories that help the vital organs. Omega 3’s are found in foods with a high level of fat, such as meat and, more commonly, fish.



Choosing to eat healthier and get on track with your goals with weight can be overwhelming, but if you have the right tools, you can do it! Try starting small with things like cooking at home more and trying new recipes!


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Are you planning on eating fats to diet and maintain a healthy weight? Tell us how in the comments!


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  • Suchot

    Love fats! I used to stir a spoonful of coconut oil into my hot chocolates…lol I would make my own with only a teensy bit of sugar, lots of cocoa powder, and coconut oil – yum!

    January 10, 2019 at 4:15 pm Reply
    • Michele

      Yum! That is a brilliant way to incorporate good fats into your diet.

      January 18, 2019 at 2:45 pm Reply

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