How to Clean a Messy House Step by Step Guide

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Are you looking around your house wondering how to clean a messy house? Where do you even begin especially with all the kids (and in my case) your husband is still working from home? We are sharing how to clean a messy house in a  day and keep it clean with this step by step guide. 

Are you Overwhelmed with your messy house?

Over the last few months with all of us home all the time I have felt overwhelmed with a messy house. 

The constant bodies, the kitchen being a revolving door for meals and snacks, and the amount of people using the bathroom is insane (oh yeah, Tony decided to finally learn to use the potty and he goes 100 times a day no joke!)

At first, I tried hard to stay on top of the mess, cleaning up after every meal and snack, but then it just became utterly exhausting and it was easier to just lay on the couch and wish the mess would clean itself. I was 150% overwhelmed by my messy house. 

Do you feel this way too? 

Although I was overwhelmed, I knew it was not going to clean itself, so I decided it was time to tackle the mess once and for all! So I drove to my local store picked up my favorite Art Of Green® products (which by the way smell amazing) and got to work making my house sparkle once again even with all of us home all the time still! 

Are you feeling the same way and are ready to learn how to clean a messy house without feeling overwhelmed?

How to Clean a messy house: Step by Step Guide

Gather your supplies

The first thing you want to do is gather your supplies. There is nothing worse than running back and forth around the house grabbing the trash bag then the dusting rags and then the Art of Green wipes. Grab all your supplies, put it in a handy caddy, and get ready to tackle your messy house. 

  • Trash Bags
  • Dusting Rags
  • Broom / Dustpan
  • Vacuum
  • Empty Laundry basket
  • Music (because everyone needs their favorite turners to dance to while cleaning)
  • Art of Green Cleaning Supplies

Why I Choose Art of Green 

Art of Green is a fantastic green cleaning choice for any household especially ones with kids and pets. It is super affordable and smells fantastic and works great! We love Art of Green because it’s

  • Totally affordable green cleaning product! All their products are under $3.00 a bottle!
  • It smells so good! I love both scents: Lavender Eucalyptus and Citrus & White Flowers. 
  • Art of Green is tough on dirt, grease, and grime, and great for multi-surfaces.
  • It works great! You know those green companies that claim they clean? Well, Art of Green actually is head and shoulders above the rest!
  • They are 98% naturally derived, which means it is way better for me and our planet! 
  • Super safe to use around kids (THANK YOU!) and pets!

Seriously what’s not to love about Art of Green?

Back to how to clean a messy house! 

Put your hair up

After we gather our supplies, put your hair up! Rock the messy bun or the ponytail and get ready to move and grove as we clean.

Turn on some music

Turn on some music. Music makes everything a little easier, especially cleaning those nasty bathrooms. So put on your favorite playlist and get scrubbing!

Pick up the trash you can see

First step in cleaning a messy house is to pick up any trash that you physically see. 

You know the wrappers in the middle of the floor, the milk carton left on the counter that is empty. By picking up the trash you can see on the floors and counters you will already notice a big difference in your house.

Start a load of laundry

Next, grab the dirty clothes and sort them. Once they are sorted go ahead and get the wash going. Keep track of when it will be done so you can move it to the dryer and start another load immediately after. Continue laundry throughout the day as you clean. 

Wash Dishes / Load Dishwasher

Once your laundry is started take a sweep through the house picking up dishes, and cups. Don’t forget to check under the beds for sippy cups, somehow they always make it under there. 

Wash all the dishes you find as well as all the ones in the sink. 

Load your dishwasher and run the load.

Clean the kitchen

When I am cleaning a messy house I love to start in the kitchen. I love it because the kitchen in our house is the heart of the home where we always gather together. 

  • Start by wiping down your cabinets with Art of Green Wipes. This will remove the dirt, grease, and grime on them. 
  • Next, clean out the fridge and spray down the shelves with Art of Green multipurpose spray. 
  • Wipe or spray down the outside of the fridge. 
  • Clean the stove and microwave
  • Spray the counters and the sink and wipe clean. 
  • Sweep and mop the floors. 

Now your kitchen is sparkling clean and it is time to move to the next room! 

Kitchen cleaning tip: Every night after dinner wipe down the sink and the countertops so they are sparkling clean in the morning when you wake up! You will wake up feeling great ready to start the day!

Pick up toys in the main living area 

As you are walking through the living room to get to the bathroom, take a few minutes to pick up the toys and clutter you find. 

Anything that doesn’t belong in the room, place in your empty laundry basket. This will be your clutter collector basket to put where it goes when you are done cleaning. 

Clean bathrooms

Cleaning the bathrooms next helps your messy house feel way cleaner. 

  • To begin add toilet bowl cleaner to the toilet bowl and let it sit. 
  • Spray the tub with Art of Green as well as the counters. 
  • Wipe down the counters and the tub.
  • Scrub the toilet as well. Don’t forget to wipe around the base of the toilet for all that boy urine. I love using Art of Green wipes for this because they smell great and I can just toss them in my trash bag when done. 
  • Sweep and mop the floor.

Bathroom cleaning tip: Wipe down the counters every night. By doing this your countertops will stay a whole lot cleaner and you won’t feel overwhelmed by a messy house. 

I keep Art of Green Wipes under the sink and have my teenagers wipe down their toilet and counters every night as well. This has helped a ton with keeping the house clean and tidy. 

Clean Room by room

Pick your next room you are going to clean and get cleaning. Once the bathrooms and kitchen are clean I usually clean all the bedrooms, then the office, the playroom, and end in the living room. 

In the bedrooms, you will want to follow these tips.

  • Pick up any trash or clutter that you can find. Be sure to check under and around the bed. 
  • Empty trash cans.
  • Clean from top to bottom. Dust the cobwebs from the ceiling and the lights. 
  • Then move down to dusting the furniture.
  • Grab a wipe and wipe light switches and baseboards. 
  • Then end by vacuuming the floor. 

Go ahead and move on to the next room! Once you have cleaned your house from top to bottom be sure to empty your clutter basket by putting the items where they go. 

Soon enough you will have a perfectly clean house in no time at all!

Additional Cleaning Tips on how to clean a messy house

  • Clean one room at a time. Don’t bounce around dusting each room and then going back to mop all the floors. Have a supply caddy that you carry with you with everything you need to get the job done all at once. 
  • Carry trash bags with you. Sure you picked up all the trash already, but we all know that you will find candy wrappers and fruit snacks shoved under beds. So carry a big trash bag so you aren’t constantly running to the trash can. This also comes in handy for emptying the trash as you go in each room. 
  • Clean from top to bottom. I know so often we want to clean the floors first but start at the top. Dust cobwebs from the walls and ceilings, then wipe and dust hard surfaces. After this move to the floor. That way whatever falls on the floor while cleaning will now get swept or vacuumed up. 
  • Carry a laundry basket with you. This laundry basket is for anything and everything that does not belong in the room you are cleaning. After you are done cleaning, you can quickly put the out of place items away. 
  • Eat out! It’s true, go out to eat or pick something up to bring home, you deserve it because you literally just rocked how to clean a messy house! 

There you have it, how to not feel overwhelmed by a messy house and how to get it clean! How do you clean your house? Share in the comments! 

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