10 Effective Tips on How to Get Toddler to Take Medicine

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If your toddler is resisting medicine and putting up a fight, use these 10 effective tips to learn how to get toddler to take medicine painlessly!

Getting your toddler to take medicine

I can’t tell you how many times I have struggled in the past to try to figure out how to get toddler to take medicine! 

No matter how sick Tony was, and no matter how many times I promised him that the medicine would make him better, he downright refused… Like ran away, swinging at you, covering his mouth with both hands. You name it… He did it.

Trying to get my toddler to take medicine was an impossible task until I learned these 10 effective tips on how to get a toddler to take medicine. 

They are incredibly genius, so I thought I would share them with you! 

How to to get toddler to take medicine

Giving your toddler medicine can feel like a never-ending battle that ends with toddler tantrums and medicine on the floor. Using these 10 effective tips will help you learn how to give toddler medicine.

Talk and explain

Talking to your toddler and explaining why they need the medicine can help sway them. If they know it will help them or that it is good for their body, your toddler will be more willing to take it.

Use words that they can understand. 

For younger children, you can use simpler phrases like “Help you feel better” or “Will help your tummy feel happy again.” Explaining can help put your child at ease.

Aim for the back

If you are looking for ways on how to give toddler medicine, aim the liquid medicine at the back of their tongue. Putting it near the back of your toddler’s tongue will help bypass some of their tastebuds. 

From there it can easily slide down!

Give choices

Toddlers love when they have options! To help your toddler take medicine, you can let them choose which spoon or cup to use. If you have options on which flavor of medicine, you can also let them choose.

When it comes to learning how to give toddler medicine, empowering toddlers with choices means less resistance! 

Use food

How to get toddler to take medicine becomes a lot easier if you mask the taste with food! Try giving them medicine with something like applesauce or ice cream so you can hide the pill in it. 

You can also use chocolate sauce or honey to mask the taste of liquid medicine. A sweet treat to save you time and frustration!

It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before mixing medicine with food to make sure it won’t affect it.

Use ice

If you keep asking yourself how to get toddler to take medicine when they keep spitting it out, using ice may be the trick you have been searching for! 

Have your toddler suck on some small pieces of ice before giving them medicine. It helps numb their tastebuds so the medicine can go down smoothly. If your toddler tastes less then they will be less likely to spit it out!

Give it a try and help your toddler chill out before giving them medicine!

Make it fun!

Adding in some fun makes it more enjoyable for everyone! Try giving your toddler medicine while they are taking a bath. 

They are already in a good mood and if they spit it out, it’s easy to clean!

You can also dance for your toddler! Doing a happy dance will make your toddler dance and give them something to laugh about. Your toddler may want to take the medicine just to see you dance!

Adding in some fun is the best way that I know of when it comes to how to give toddlers medicine that works!

Be positive

The art of how to get a toddler to take medicine can be mastered with a positive attitude. Children tend to mimic their parents. If you dread medicine time, they will too. Try using a cheerful or happy tone of voice as much as possible.

Stay positive and your child will learn to be positive too! 

Make it playful!

Make it playful by having your toddler play doctor. Grab a stuffed animal and have your toddler pretend to give them medicine before taking theirs. It makes it fun and your child will feel more comfortable when it is time for them to take it!

Bonus points for encouraging some imaginative play as you learn how to get your toddler to take medicine!

Use rewards

Using rewards is a great motivator! You can tell your toddler that once they are done taking their medicine they can play with their favorite toys. Or you can give them something like a sticker or another prize.

If you are giving your child medicine regularly or daily you can even use a sticker chart! This will help keep your toddler motivated because they can see their progress.

Praise your child

Praising your child for taking medicine will make it easier the next time they have to take it! Its always a good idea to reinforce their good behavior with some praise.

Use specific praise. Try saying “You did great taking your medicine when I asked you to.” Trust me, a little praise will go a long way!

With these 10 effective tips, your toddler will be taking their medicine in no time! Comment below on how you get your toddler to take their medicine. 

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