How To Limit Screen Time with Tweens and Teens

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Do you struggle like most parents when it comes to monitoring your children’s screen time? I have found the perfect solution to help limit screen time!

How to Limit Screen Time with Tweens and Teens

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I have a love-hate relationship with technology and screens in general! It’s great because it offers so much information right at our fingertips. I HATE it because of how much it sucks my kids in!

Let’s be honest with video games, new YouTubers popping up every day, and a variety of other ways to suck our kids in if we aren’t careful they will be “hooked up” to technology from the time they get home from school until bedtime. I mean, I guess you can exclude the 5-minute break that they take coming down for “family dinner” to scarf down some food!

And we haven’t even begun to talk about what they could possibly find on the internet!

I Have Tried to Limit Technology

I have tried so many things with the boys trying to get them to not spend so much time using technology, but each method has failed.

Mostly because I hate being the bad guy! I don’t want to listen to their whining when I take electronics away so I end up giving in and giving it back to them. I am also inconsistent because it is so hard to monitor how much time each person has spent on technology!

And on top of that, you can’t really chase Tweens and Teens around asking them if they are on their devices without being the “most overprotective mom” in the entire world.


I knew Chase would be getting a phone for Christmas and part of me was scared to death as to how much MORE he would be on the internet! So, I started searching for different ways to limit the amount of wifi that each child used. I also really wanted to have some sort of internet security in place. Kids need protection from the inappropriate stuff out there.

I wanted to choose how we were going to approach the rules with how we would limit screen time before it became an issue.

That is when I heard about Circle with Disney.

How We Limit Screen Time

What is Circle With Disney?

Circle with Disney is a device that you hook up with your router that controls each device individually on your wifi network, that is all controlled through an app on your phone, so it’s super convenient.  It allows you to place time limits as well as security limits on devices and individuals that are hooked up to your network.

Circle with Disney allows me to set wake up and bedtimes, off times throughout the day, and filter content. I can also look at the history of where each person has been on the internet. I can also pause each person’s wifi or give rewards for good behavior with a click of a button on the app on my phone! I don’t even have to be home to do this!


How Does Circle Work For Our Family?

We have had Circle with Disney for almost 2 months and it has worked fantastic for our family!

At first, the boys were using their entire wifi allotment within hours of waking up. They, of course, would come begging for more! Now they have learned to use their wifi when they really want to use it wisely. Very rarely are they using all their wifi on their personal devices in a day.

They have discovered the outdoors and other activities that they really enjoy. They are no longer getting up at 6 am on Saturday (because they know the wifi is off) and family dinners are now longer than 5 minutes! I also feel like we have had more time to connect and truly be present with one another.


I love knowing exactly where my kids have been on the internet and how much time they are spending there. No longer do I have to worry about inappropriate content. I have also discovered how much time I waste in a day on the internet. I have been able to limit myself as well so that I too can be productive!

Circle with Disney

Circle with Disney is $99.00 and has been worth every penny because the wifi is no longer a battle I have to fight every day with the kids! The boundaries are already set with how we limit screen time.

If you want to limit wifi and have struggled to do that I can guarantee this will work for you! They also have a monthly plan that protects devices when they are off the wifi network. It can help you see if your kids decide to start using data when they run out of wifi for the day. My kids haven’t tried this yet. They know they will lose their phones for a very long time if we go over our data plan!

If you have struggled with Limiting Screen Time like we did, Circle with Disney can really help solve your screen time problems!

Click here to purchase Circle with Disney at Amazon!

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