10 Successful Tips for How to Potty Train a Girl

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If you are wondering how to potty train a girl, then these 10 successful potty training tips for girls are exactly what you need to have her diaper-free in no time!

Believe it or not, there are some differences between potty training girls versus boys. Are you about to start potty training a girl? Well, I have good news! Girls are usually potty trained way earlier than boys! 

There are general differences in development, awareness, and communication skills that cause the difference in timing. Girls tend to develop quicker which means they can probably communicate better or earlier than boys. Girls can also show more bodily awareness at an earlier age. 

Whatever the reason is, getting her excited and giving her positive encouragement will help you immensely as you learn how to potty train a girl.

Once your little girl is ready for potty training, these potty training tips for girls will make your potty training experience a lot easier!

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10 Tips for How to Potty Train a Girl

Make sure she is ready!

How to potty train a girl starts when she is ready for it! To make sure she is ready, look for 10 readiness signs that let you know when to start potty training. Showing that she is interested in the potty, telling you when her diaper is dirty, and feeling uncomfortable in a dirty or wet diaper are some great readiness signs!

Avoid trying to push her into potty training too early. Starting once she shows that she is ready is the only way to successfully potty train girls!

Talk about feelings

When you are starting the process to learn how to potty train a girl, take some time to ask her how she’s feeling about potty training. Talking will give you a chance to make sure she is at ease about it. Less stress means less mess!

You can even help encourage her by talking about how exciting potty training is! You can tell her how excited you are for her to learn these new potty training skills. If you are excited, chances are that she will be too! 

Go shopping together!

Going shopping together is one of my favorite potty training tips for girls! Because who doesn’t love shopping right?! Trust me when I say that potty training girls is a lot easier if you go shopping for potty training supplies together. 

Pick out a potty chair together so she feels excited about using it. Use this as a chance to also pick out some potty training underwear that she will love. 

Keeping her involved in the process will go a long way! It will put her at ease and help her feel excited about potty training!

Shopping is also a great time to talk about potty training one on one with your child. Time to talk and shop!

Use a chart

Learning how to potty train a girl is a lot easier when you have something to keep track on. Using a potty training chart will give you and her something to visually track her progress on. She is less likely to feel unmotivated when she can physically see her accomplishments. 

To motivate her even more, use stickers! You can help her pick out her favorite stickers to put on the chart. I always love to let my kids put the sticker up themselves so they feel included and excited to do it!

Teach her to wipe correctly

This is a must have tip when learning how to potty train a girl because teaching her to wipe correctly will keep her healthy! Make sure she knows to wipe starting from the front to the back. If she needs a visual reminder, you can make an instruction card and place it in the bathroom.

Sometimes learning to wipe from front to back can be difficult to master right away so you can teach her to pat dry instead. 

Avoid shame

When you are learning how to potty train a girl and accidents happen, avoid shaming her. The last thing you want to do is make her feel worse for having an accident. Instead of using shame, focus on being positive so she doesn’t feel your disappointment or frustration. 

When it comes to potty training girls, if you are positive then she will be too! 

Make it fun!

Make potty training girls fun with some potty training games! You can use some blue food coloring so she can turn the water green or place her favorite book by the toilet. 

Using some fun potty training games will keep your little girl motivated, involved, and positive throughout potty training!

Use dresses and skirts

When learning how to potty train a girl, using dresses and skirts to start will lead to fewer accidents. Having her wear skirts and dresses means she doesn’t have to spend time pulling down pants or unbuttoning them. 

It makes potty training girls that much quicker and easier! 

Make it comfortable

When learning how to potty train a girl, it’s important to make the toilet a comfortable place to be! You can do this by practicing going potty or decorating the bathroom. 

Let her practice going to the bathroom by just sitting on the toilet so she gets used to it. You can also let her personalize the space with some removable stickers. Personalizing the space will put her at ease and make her feel more comfortable as she starts potty training.

Making the bathroom as comfortable as possible will make potty training girls a breeze!

Celebrate success!

With potty training, she is going to have accidents. Rather than focusing on the accidents, highlight her success!

When learning how to potty train a girl, it’s a great idea to start by celebrating when she uses the potty successfully. Show some excitement! You don’t have to make a big deal every time she uses the potty but reinforce her accomplishment occasionally throughout her potty training journey. 

Help her see that she has reached a significant milestone by using the potty! You can even give her a special privilege like an extra bedtime story to celebrate!

Now that you have these 10 successful potty training tips for girls, you can start potty training with confidence! Which potty training tips for girls do you like the most? Comment and tell me why!

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