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I Might Actually Be a Good Parent

Life UnEdited #10

I Might Be Actually Be A Good Parent

It was 10:00 and I was headed to bed. I had just laid our baby down, FINALLY and I was headed to bed until I hear something upstairs…

I quietly sneak up the stairs bound and determined to catch Colby on his phone. Let’s be honest, it has happened in the past. But then I stop about halfway up the stairs and just listen.

I hear Colby (13) talking to little Talie (2). She is laughing… I hear him talk about the bed bugs and how we won’t let them get her… She has snuck out of bed again to go sleep with Colby…Boy does she love him!

I walk up the stairs and go into his room and kneel by the bed and say, “Talie, what are you doing in here?”

With a huge smile, she says, “I sleep with Colby!”


My heart melts as I realize how lucky I am that a 13-year-old loves his sister enough to let her sleep with him because her room is “scary” and has “monsters.”

I must have taught him something along the way and then I realize:

I might not be totally screwing up at parenting after all! 


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