I Turned Around for Two Seconds

You know the saying, “I turned around for two seconds and…” Well… Yes, I turned around for two seconds and you won’t believe what I saw!



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I Turned Around for Two Seconds

You know the saying, “I turned around for two seconds.” Well, it happened to me the other night… I turned around for two seconds and you aren’t going to believe what happened?!

It all started when I was in the kitchen making dinner for my people. My kids were starving (apparently), but I kept reminding them and insisting that dinner would be on the table in just 1 minute.

My older kids were “watching their younger brother” while watching a show on Netflix, which translates to me asking, “Where is Mason?!” pretty consistently now that he is super mobile. After asking a handful of times   I didn’t get an answer, so I rush into the living room and then I saw it, something green around his mouth and on his fingers, so I go in for a closer look… “What the heck is this?”


Yep, you read that right. Play-doh…

Are you flipping kidding me?! How on Earth did he find play-doh?


It seems as though it took way too long for me to make dinner according to the nine-month-old, I guess he knew that it was another night of Hamburger Helper, Go Me!

Please tell me I’m not the only mom on this planet that has let their kid take a bite of this stuff in lieu of their awesome cooking skills!

~Written by Shiree. Shiree is an intern that is currently finishing up her degree in marriage and family studies. We are so glad to have her working with us this semester.



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