The No Yelling Parenting Challenge Will Change Your Life

There are times when my house is plagued with yelling and loud voices, that is why it’s time to start the no yelling parenting challenge & how you can too!

The No Yell Parenting Challenge

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According to my boys, I’m a yeller, I tend to think I speak in a voice that they can actually hear me in over their shenanigans. Last night though was a turning point for me, I decided that I might just be a yeller, even though I don’t want to be one!

It all started when Ty decided that we should have hot chocolate before bed. The kids, of course, went crazy as I was trying to get Tony ready for bed. They ran into the kitchen to make hot chocolate… Followed by the whipped cream getting squirted into each other’s mouths, followed by Talie spilling her hot chocolate all over the table and me having to clean it up one-handed. Then Colby brings out an Australian accent followed by talking about “Baby Jesus” from Talladega Nights…  I admit I lost it; I yelled, and I sent them to bed!


Confession Time

I felt horrible for yelling, I felt sad for the night ending like that…  Were they doing anything wrong? Not really, they are just typical 13 and 11-year-old boys having fun, right? And because of me, the peace was gone in our home. My yelling was the one who made it go away… Me, the one who learned about all the different parenting techniques in school, but yet can’t implement any of them when they are most needed.

I confess I have always blamed them for me yelling or raising my voice (I mean if they would have listened, to begin with 🙂 …), but really, it’s not them, it’s me… I am the one who needs to change and get better. The one who needs to have more control over my feelings. I am the one who needs to strive to have more peace in the home. Right then and there I decided it was time for a change!



The No Yelling Parenting Challenge

Last night I decided to not yell for one solid year! (except when appropriate: sporting events, playing outside having fun with the kids, if a crisis is happening and it will save someone’s life… you know those moments.) Lao Tzu says, “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  

So I knew that the first step would be the hardest, which is why I am telling you all that I  am making the commitment to not yell for one year! I am taking the no yelling Parenting Challenge! That’s right! No Yelling for 365 Days! There it is a step in the right direction! To be a more patient and loving mom. A step towards using those parenting techniques when I need them most!

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Now you might be thinking, “Holy cow! What is her house like? Do they just yell all the time?” Of course, we don’t. There is lots of love. We have lots of peace and lots of harmony too! But there are those moments when we are plagued with loud voices that drive all this away. It’s at those times when I fall into Mom Funk, especially since our house has been plagued with sickness for the last 22 days and I have been sick with the flu or a double ear infection for two weeks now. It’s on those days that are too cold and windy to go outside and play so those dang little screens occupy the kids, until bedtime when they decide it is now time to get some energy out.


Come Join Me in the No Yelling Parenting Challenge

I’ll be honest… This journey is going to be hard… I’m going to fail a few times. Okay, probably many many times.  But I do so much better when I am surrounded by others doing things with me. So with that being said, Who wants to join me in the no yelling parenting challenge? Who wants to change? Do you want more peace in their home? Who wants to share this journey with me? You certainly don’t have to do a year, like me, but I challenge you to set a certain amount of time to make your home a No Yelling Zone and see just what happens. Will you join me on this journey?NO YELLING ZONE!.png
Together we can share stories, encourage one another, and just support one another in being better parents and bring more peace into our homes! Join the challenge today and comment on this post: “I’m in!” Let’s all offer each other encouragement and share stories along the way on our journeys to have more peaceful loving homes, so who’s with me?

Join us on in the no yelling for 365 days challenge! Share with others on Pinterest!

There are times when my house is plagued with yelling and loud voices, that is why it's time to start the no yelling parenting challenge & how you can too!

There are times when my house is plagued with yelling and loud voices, that is why it's time to start the no yelling parenting challenge & how you can too!















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  • Robyn

    I’m in.

    July 10, 2018 at 9:29 pm Reply
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  • Lori

    I think I mentioned this on IG – My kids used to ask why dad yelled so much and I told them he is just passionate about what he is saying. I totally get wanting to be heard above all the distractions, but there is such a greater peace in our home when the yelling subsides. With my kids grown the only one left to yell at is the dog and he is deaf! I think this is a great challenge and I look forward to hearing how it goes!

    January 18, 2018 at 10:10 am Reply
  • Wrae

    It’s hard to stop yelling. I try to go week by week and that seems to work for me. I don’t like doing it.

    January 17, 2018 at 1:56 pm Reply
  • jenniferwise4heritagemakers

    I have been a yeller for the same reason–I feel like nobody listens unless I’m yelling. 😉 My kids are older now, so I don’t feel like I’m as much of a yeller these days, but I know it’s still in there. 😉 I would love to hear what your approach is going to be and what methods you’re going to use. I need some practical advice on what to replace yelling with, I guess. 🙂 Maybe that can be an upcoming blog post… #wanderingwednesday

    January 17, 2018 at 8:58 am Reply
  • Misadventures with Megan

    Don’t know if I could go a whole year but such an amazing goal!

    January 12, 2018 at 2:54 pm Reply
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