Safe Summer Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

Keeping your kids safe this summer is more than buying more sunscreen and making sure their bike helmet still fits. Here are some great safe summer tips to keep your kids safe!

Safe Summer Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer


Summer is Almost Here!

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Summer is almost here! If your kids are like mine, they are counting down the days and the hours until it is here! Summer brings lots of fun and adventures for most families. These could be local adventures to the park or the pool. Or perhaps they are bigger adventures on road trips and amusement parks. Whatever they may be I think the number 1 concern for most parents during summer is keeping their kids safe! Here are some safe summer tips, that can keep your child safer, without you appearing to be overprotective or overbearing!


Talk About Strangers

As summer approaches, talk to your kids about strangers. Teach them who it is okay and not okay to talk to. Teach them what to do if a stranger approaches them while at the park or riding their bike around the neighborhood. Talk to your kids about how to find help they can trust quickly!


Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

Keeping kids safe this summer means we always know where they are! The is one of the most important safe summer tips! This is not being overprotective; this is being proactive and caring about your kids! If you work and your kids are going to a friend’s house have them text you when they leave your house! When they arrive at their friend’s have them let you know that! If you’re home and the kids are going to the neighbors have them send a quick message to let you know they got there. It’s fine that your kids are off exploring, but it is important that they tell you where they are going and when they will be back.


Set Clear Limits

Setting limits is important for your kids! What are you okay with them doing? Are you okay with them playing with the neighbor kids? What about playing in the neighbor’s house? Are you okay with them walking to the park or the school? What about the local Sonic just up the street? Set clear limits! Your kids need freedom, but it also needs to be something you are okay with. If these limits are violated they need to be revoked and earned back. Kids need to know you are serious about your limits you are setting! This includes what time they need to return!


If they Feel Uncomfortable

Teach your kids that if they are in an uncomfortable situation to get out of it. Establish a code word that you and them both know. If your child says it while talking or texting you then you know you need to go help them now. This could be anywhere even at their best friend’s house they have been a million times! You never know when your kids will need you and you want to be prepared!


Be Safe this Summer!

Get ready now to protect your kids! Buy some extra sunscreen and make sure their bike helmets fit! On top of that though, make sure their location settings are “on” on their phones so that you can find them if you need too!  

Keeping our kids safe this summer is all of our number 1 priorities and it starts now!

What other safe summer tips would you add to this list?

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Safe Summer Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer




9 thoughts on “Safe Summer Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer”

  1. These are great tips for having a safe summer. My daughter is 2 but I definitely want to make sure to teach her about stranger danger. You hear all the horror stories and I certainly don’t want it to be my child.

  2. These are great things to keep in mind. I probably lean towards overprotective so safety is a big concern for me. Great advice all around! Especially about teaching your kids a code for when they feel uncomfortable.

  3. Super smart things to keep in mind. We’ve all grown up with stranger-danger, but I like your point about being uncomfortable anywhere. This is really important for kids to understand.


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