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Yes, I Let My Kids Stay Home

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Post #15 Yes, I Let My Kids Stay Home

In Texas staying home from school is a big no-no. If your kids are sick you can call the school, but without a doctor’s note it is marked unexcused. Do they really expect us to run our kids to the doctor for a 24-hour fever? I swear they promote kids going to school sick! Regardless of this, kids can only miss 10 days of school in a 6 month period. If they miss more you will be forced to go to court and pay up to $500.00 in truancy fines. $500! Who has that kind of money for their kids being sick?

The other day though Colby  came home from school saying, “Mom, tomorrow I get to sit in a classroom and do nothing!”

“What?! Why”

He began to explain that it was State Testing Day for Math and since he took the Math test last year (He’s in Algebra as an 8th grader) he didn’t have to take it this year. Therefore, they were just going to have all the kids that took it last year sit in a classroom all day…

Well, sit in a classroom all day or hangout with mom?

He choose to hangout with Mom!


So Yes! We did a couple jobs in the morning. Then, we went out to lunch. He taught me to play a game or two. Overall, it was a great day of bonding! We don’t get very many of those any more with how busy we are!



So there you have it! Yes, I let me kids stay home when they really aren’t sick, because honestly, they need a day off once in awhile. And if they are just going to sit in a classroom they might as well spend the day with me! Who’s with me on this?


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  1. Yes. My mum used to let us stay home when it was super hot and she would take us to the pools. We turned out fine. Great piece. 😀

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