I Didn’t Know It Was the Last Time

Sometimes the last time you do something is when you least expect it… It sneaks up on you… It helps us to remember to treasure every moment we have.


Sometimes your last times, come at unexpected times... Mine Did

Life UnEdited #26

Yesterday I breastfed you for the last time and I didn’t even know it! You happily took a bottle all day with milk running down your chin. You laughed and you played and I thought to myself, “Oh, I have so much freedom during the day where I don’t have to sit and breastfeed you!”


Then night came, it was late… You were tired… You thought about eating for about 2 seconds, but then you turned away in exhaustion… I laid you in your bed and off to sleep you went.


This morning we were busy, running around trying to be to the doctor on time. I gave you a morning bottle in hopes that you would take it so I could get ready. Again, you took it… You had milk down your chin. You shrieked with excitement. The day went on and your fascination grew with your portable boob that you could take everywhere with you…


Each time it was empty you would get my attention to fill it back up. You were in HEAVEN!


Night came and I was ready to bond with my baby! I took you in your room like I have done for months, but then something happened. You didn’t want to breastfeed, you wanted your bottle instead.


The last time came before I even knew it


I was overcome with sadness and joy all at the same time. Joy that this was the easiest breastfeeding weaning we have ever done, but so incredibly sad at the same time. My days of breastfeeding you are done. The quiet moments that we have always spent together are now over… Yes, I can still hold you of course and spend those moments with you, but they won’t really be the same. You are growing up so fast.


Usually, on this day I am elated! We breastfed for 12 months! We are finally done! I feel like we should be handed an award, but this time it is different! It is different because I know this is the last time I will ever breastfeed a baby.


That is unless God decides to laugh at me and give me another blessing! (Which I do not hope for, I mean 5 is enough for me!).


So today, I realized, as tears streamed down my face, just how quickly they grow up. My breastfeeding days are over. We are moving on to the first steps and talking. Soon it will be playing in the dirt and running around chasing girls. And before I know it, all my kids will be off at college getting married. Today I realized to treasure every moment because all these moments will one day be distant memories.


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