Laundry Tips and Tricks for the Busy Mom

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Laundry is a daunting task. I have found a laundry routine that allows laundry to go much smoother in our house with these great laundry tips and tricks for big families!

Laundry is a daunting task. I have found a laundry routine that allows laundry to go much smoother in our house with these great laundry tips and tricks!

Laundry Tips and Tricks for the Busy Mom

Laundry is my arch nemesis. If I could give away one household chore, it would be laundry. I feel like it is such a thankless, boring job and it is never-ending. The minute you finish the last load of laundry it always seems like there is something else that needs to be washed! With that being said I have come up with a laundry routine that allows our family of 7 to always have clean, folded clothes where I am not drowning in laundry day after day!

Want to know our laundry tips and tricks that work for our large family of 7?

Who knows? With these laundry tips and secrets, you might Actually Learn to Love Laundry Day!

Have Designated Laundry Days

If you are like me, you hate doing laundry! I don’t want to always feel like I am tied to doing laundry, so with that being said, I have set up a laundry routine. It allows me to only do laundry twice a week: Monday and Thursday. Certainly, on these days I have huge laundry piles, but I would rather do that than laundry every single day!

If you don’t want to only do laundry twice a week and want to do it once a day then create a laundry schedule that works for you! Maybe do darks on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday do whites. Thursday do towels. Make a laundry schedule that works for you, if you don’t want to do it twice a week.


Stock Up on Laundry Supplies

Have you ever started to do laundry only to realize you are out of laundry soap or stain remover? My family loves All free and clear because it is the only thing that doesn’t make my kids super sensitive skin breakout. We always have several containers of laundry soap and stain remover on hand so we never run out! If you have tough stubborn stains Try Zote! It even cleans those stubborn white baseball pants! 

Sort Laundry Before you Start

Looking at my laundry room with everyone’s baskets is daunting. Once all the dirty clothes come down into the laundry room it is time to sort! I sort the clothes into darks, whites, towels, fleece items, and then things that don’t go in the dryer. I do a separate load for things that don’t go in the dryer to save time with each load by not having to sift through and look for those items…Don’t you hate when you forget to pull out your favorite shirt and now it’s shrunk?

Keep the Laundry Moving

On laundry day keep it moving. I start it as soon as I wake up and I do it all day. When the dryer beeps I fold it (more on that later). Then I move the washer to the dryer and start the next load.

Do you want one of my laundry tips and secrets? Ready for it?

I usually do a load of clothes, then a load of towels. Then I do a load of clothes, then a load of blankets. Why do I use this helpful laundry tip? Because it helps with the folding! We will get there I swear!

Enlist the Kids

After the clothes are sorted it is easy to have the kids help! The older kids can move the laundry to the dryer as well as start a new load.  You can also teach them to fold and hang up the clothes. Our two-year-old is even a pro with helping move the things from the washer to the dryer.

Learn to Love to Fold

Okay, the worst part of laundry is seriously the folding! Who in the right mind loves to fold? Okay, my mom does! So I LOVE when she comes to visit! But here are some folding tricks!

Fold 1 Load at a Time

I know this might sound silly, but before you put a new load in the dryer, fold the one that just came out. It is easy to look at one basket and think, “Hey, I got this! I can fold it in no time!” Rather than staring at 5 loads of washed and dried clothes and thinking, “Holy cow… I am never going to get this done!” Remember, how I switch off from towels to clothes, then to sheets. I do this because it allows the really big loads that have lots of folding to be broken up with a quick towel load or sheet load! 

Mark Clothes

One of the biggest laundry tips and tricks for moms is marking the clothes! My boys both wear the same size in some things and I struggle to know whose is whose. So I heard something years ago that has helped so much. Have each child be a dot (with a sharpie). The oldest child is 1 dot, the second child is two and so on… When you buy their clothes add the number of dots to their clothes. That way when you are folding it you can quickly identify who’s clothes are whose. When they grow out of it and it is handed down to the next child then just add another dot! Easy peasy!

Hang Up Clothes as Soon as They are Dry

You know those “wrinkle free” shirts our husbands wear? Well, they are only wrinkle free if they don’t sit in the basket for a few days. 🙂  Always have several hangers available for when you are taking clothes out of the dryer. This way you can hang them up right away and take the hassle out of having to iron later!

If you do forget to do this, you can always throw it back in with a wet load and it will unwrinkle… I might have had to do this a time or two before.

Enjoy it!

I know this sounds funny when we are talking about laundry tips and tricks, but make it something fun. Turn on some music and sing along, or dance! Catch up on your favorite TV show while you fold. Do something to make the task not so daunting.

Put it Away

The most exhilarating part of laundry day is seeing the huge piles of folded clothes, I am not even kidding! I love to call the kids down from whatever they are doing and see them whisk off with folded piles for their drawers. I also love the joy I feel as I am hanging up the last bit of it. Putting the laundry away brings total joy knowing that the job is done, until the next laundry day!

So tell me, do you like laundry day? What is your favorite part or least favorite part? What laundry tips and tricks would you add to this list?

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20 thoughts on “Laundry Tips and Tricks for the Busy Mom”

  1. Great tips. If I could just get my girls to actually put their clothes up instead of chunking it here and there . Then the clean clothes ends up back in the laundry .. ugh!

  2. I hate putting laundry away! I ended up buying my kids all athletic style clothes because they don’t wrinkle and pull out storage bins that goes under their beds 1 for shirts one for shorts or pants depending on season and one for pjs. They put socks undies in the slots on a over the door shoe hanger. Now it’s their job to put them away and I hang the rare nice outfit. If only mine were so easy. Love the idea of doing a load of no dry. Then my husband could flip laundry

  3. Really excellent article. It helps me to allow my toddler to help me around the house as I clean, fold laundry, mix dough, or perform other tasks. I was doing most of this while he slept at first, but I discovered that my child loves to mimic my actions, and I think he learns while doing so. Not only do we get to spend more quality time together while performing chores that need to be done anyway, I can also truly relax while he is asleep, with my chores all done. Who else does this?

  4. I do miss having only 2 laundry days a week. But with 9 people in the house, we have to do 3 loads per day to take Sunday off. It will be less when my toddler is potty trained and we are not washing the cloth diapers. If I ever get two washing machines, though, I would like to reduce the number of laundry days!

  5. I’m totally the opposite. I’d rather do a load a day instead of spend all day doing laundry but I swear I do several loads a day and still end up spending one day a week doing all the folding! Today was laundry day here so it’s fresh in my mind. I do try to take out the wrinkle prone items immediately but I admit, I usually have a couple baskets waiting to fold because I HATE to put away laundry and I also hate to put folded laundry back in baskets sooooo it’s fold and put away all in one day but loads everyday. Blegh. Might have to give your system a try! <3 Jamie

  6. It sounds like you have developed a great system! I’m just at the point where I can’t tell our some of our girls’ clothes apart. I will have to try your dot system. Thanks! #WanderingWednesday

  7. Great ideas! I used to have a laundry day but I found it getting taken up by other things and I ended up forgetting to take things out of the washer and stuff like that. So now I’m a “let’s just try to do one thing every day” person. I hadn’t thought of having darks one day and whites another, etc. I totally need to do that! 🙂 The “enjoy it” is a good one, too–I have a friend who watches her favorite TV shows (or Netflix) while she does laundry. It really makes a difference. #WanderingWednesday

  8. Aww, Michele, you rock!!! I also HATE LAUNDRY – back when I was still in school, I literally did it once a month (yup, had one month’s worth of underwear back then!!!), and then dumped all the clean loads on the futon, in theory to fold, but I never really did so I pulled it all off of there over the next month as I needed each piece! UGH!!! I still haven’t been able to get the girls to help much with the folding/putting away, but they’re helping more now with the getting to basement/sorting/swapping at least, and yes, Sunday is definitely laundry day! (unless I find a few spare minutes elsewhere in the week to run a batch)


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