Let it Go

Often times it is hard to let it go when it comes to things our kids do. We become frustrated. As let it go it allows us to enjoy the simple moments.


Life UnEdited #9

As I cleaned up after dinner I looked under the table…. I saw rice everywhere, smashed vegetables, and, a few candy wrappers.

I began to be frustrated because honestly, how could the kids make such a mess?! Is it really that hard to not get food on the floor?

I could feel my patience slipping as I cleaned up. This area had already cleaned up during dinner when the water spilled because the kids were too busy playing around than being careful.

I could feel myself getting mad at my kids all over again for their “carelessness.”

I had the choice right then and there to let these events bother me for the rest of the night or to Let it Go… So What did I choose?

Let it Go

Being the stubborn person that I am I really wanted to still be frustrated, but I decided to LET IT GO! And guess what happened?

As I cleaned up the rice and the smashed vegetables I became grateful for all my kids and how much joy they bring to my life. I became grateful for the fact that we have so much food that we could even spill some and feed the birds when we throw it in the trash. I became grateful that my table was full of happy kids that were sitting with us laughing and having fun during dinner.

It’s not fair for us as parents to become frustrated with our kids and hold things against them. Our kids are the most loving people we will ever meet. They forgive us every day for our shortcomings as parents. kids put all their trust in us. How do we repay them at times? IS it with frustration because of spilled rice and smashed vegetables? As we let it go we learn to love more and we will continue to have more joy in the journey of parenthood.



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  • Claudette

    It’s so easy to get frustrated. I blame lack of focus when they eat too, and mine should be, theoretically, beyond the ‘dropping food off your fork every single time you have food on your fork’ age….

    How to let go? It’s hard, and I notice how I focus in on the mess, rather than the fact that we are sitting at a table, prime opportunity to bond and have a chat. Re-focusing on our togetherness is a mindful exercise, and I’m practicing… 😉

    After all, I can always tell them after dinner to get a broom and clean up their own mess. 🙂 (And I do this, and then get a barrage of complaining…)

    April 20, 2018 at 8:03 am Reply
  • Mary Taylor

    You are so wise!

    April 19, 2018 at 5:22 pm Reply
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