Let Them Be Kids

I often think about how different my kid’s childhood is compared to mine. Things are so busy so much of the time! But tonight, I let them be kids.


Let Them Be Kids

Life UnEdited #43


Something that has really been on my mind a lot lately is how our kids don’t even have a chance at the kind of childhood I had. It seems that as the years go on, schedules are busier, kids have more expected of them and nothing ever slows down.


On a typical day, my kids arrive home from school, have a snack, and then get their homework done so that they can have some downtime playing outside or watching a show before Dad gets home from work. Then it’s dinner and bedtime.


Today was different..and I LOVED it! It was a gorgeous day outside and my kids wanted to get out of the house and play. I wasn’t going to rebuke that for one second, so off they went to play. Every single kid in the neighborhood was outside riding their bikes, racing, jumping on trampolines, and just running around. And you know what? It took me back to when I was a kid when I was able to ride my bike home from school and mosy about with my friend around the neighborhood. I desperately want my kids to have somewhat of a similar childhood, but it seems impossible! My kids go to school earlier and arrive home later than I ever did in elementary school. There just isn’t time.

I often think about how different my kid's childhood is compared to mine. Things are so busy so much of the time! But tonight, I let them be kids.

But tonight, we made time! My kids didn’t have a set time they had to come in for dinner. They didn’t have a bedtime. We just went with the flow and it was fantastic. I hope they remember nights like this one for years to come!




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  • Spill the tea

    Hi. I really love your posts. Being a single mum, I find them really insightful.

    December 13, 2018 at 5:02 pm Reply
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