Just Lighten Up!

Do you ever find yourself wound way too tight? I know that for me, I often have a hard time letting things slide. I just need to Lighten Up!

Do you ever find yourself wound way too tight? I know that for me, I often have a hard time letting things slide. I just need to Lighten Up!

Life UnEdited #21

Just Lighten Up!

sometimes we ned to lighten up as parents

Today, my little 2-year-old son Cameron ran up to me with some silly glasses and a cute hat on his head. He was wearing a silly pajama shirt that hadn’t been changed yet with a diaper and no pants and wanted to go outside in the backyard to play and jump on the trampoline. He is so fun and sweet and just simply light-hearted. Cameron reminded me that I need to lighten up, take a breath, and just live. 

I often wonder when I’m going to finally learn my lesson with lightening up.



Everything doesn’t have to be perfect all the time.

Stand in front of the fan and feel the breeze for crying out loud! 😉

relaxing as a mom

I’m a tightly wound person (just ask my husband, the free spirit). There is always a checklist in my mind and something stressing me out. Laundry, dishes, studying, the list could literally go on and on. Unfortunately, my kids often see a lot of my frustrations that have absolutely nothing to do with them.


Seriously, I need a recording that says, “It’s going to be okay, Shiree. Just go and do it!”



Just Lighten Up!


Their clothes don’t always have to match and their shoes don’t always have to be on to go somewhere. Socks and sandals are fine. Crazy hair? Who cares?! Throw a hat on.

Today, Cameron reminded me that those other things don’t really matter.

What matters?

Loving my family members unconditionally. Laughing at silly outfits.


Living in the moment.


My husband, my kids, my family…that’s what truly matters!

Are you going to try and lighten up with me? Let the laundry go and go and jump on the trampoline with your kids! Forget the dishes and take a walk around the block. Let’s live in the moment and make some fun memories with our kids!




Shiree is my other half. She calls herself boring, but she is far from it! She lives in Kansas City with her husband and her 4 kids ages 7, 5, 2, and 1! She really is super mom as she spends hours working on the blog and finding a way to still take care of her kids effortlessly! Shiree was married young and started a family right away. She jokes all the time that nothing could have prepared her for motherhood other than motherhood!

After becoming a mom she decided to get as much knowledge as she could about raising kids and strengthening families so she decided to go to college. She obtained her degree in Marriage and Family studies and is now a Family Life Educator. She has a desire to pay it forward and help other parents raise kids and strengthen their families.

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