Surviving A Long Car Ride With Kids

Surviving a long car ride with kids can be stressful. Thankfully with these tips and ideas, it will make any car ride much easier for the entire family!

Surviving A Long Car Ride With Kids

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Surviving a Long Car Ride With Kids

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Taking a long car ride with children in the back seats isn’t exactly a parent’s idea of fun. The children will become bored very quickly, and as a result, you will need to deal with their agitation and frustration. There’s no wonder that tantrums can very quickly develop on long journeys with kids!

But do they always have to turn into nightmare journeys? Thankfully not! It is possible to make your kids comfortable and ensure that they stay entertained throughout the entire car drive, no matter how long it ends up being. So, here are tips for surviving a long car ride with kids!


Got a long journey coming up? Here are some ways you can make sure your children don’t get too annoyed about it.


Make Safety Number One

Of course, safety needs to be your number one concern whenever you are driving anywhere in your car. And that is especially the case when you have your kids in tow with you. These 5 rules should always be adhered to while you are on the road. Not only will they help your child stay as safe as possible, but they can also increase their comfort while in the back seats too.


Take Plenty Of Breaks

It’s a good idea to set off on your journey fairly early so that you give yourself enough time. That way, you will also have plenty of time to stop off for some breaks. Kids probably won’t be able to go much longer than an hour or two on the road without complaining, no matter how many fun books and games they have to keep them entertained. So, pull over as often as you can so they can get out of the car to get some air and stretch their legs.



Pack Some Snacks And Drinks

Don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks and drinks for the journey as well. Children will be very quick to complain as soon as they feel hungry or thirsty, so it’s a good idea to have something you can give them in this situation. Otherwise, you will find that they could get very angry very quickly! Make sure you have bottled water and healthy snacks so that they don’t suffer from a sugar rush, as they won’t be able to contain their excitement if they end up hyperactive!


Give Them Car-Friendly Activities

As well as snacks, you also need to give them some car-friendly activities. If they are old enough to read, provide them with some books. However, you should be aware that reading in a car can make some children car sick. There are also lots of card games that children will be able to play in the back seat as well. It’s also worth downloading a couple of movies or TV shows onto a tablet device for them to watch too.


Long car journeys with young children don’t need to always end up stressful. If you follow all the tips above, you will find that surviving a long car ride with kids is totally doable!


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Surviving A Long Car Ride With Kids

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