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Keeping the Spark in Marriage

Keeping the Spark in Marriage

Do you feel like the spark you once had in your marriage is slowly fading? Maybe you feel like that spark is gone in your marriage! It is totally normal overtime to get busy with life and forget how important it is to continue to keep the fire lit in marriage! So how do you rekindle the spark in marriage?

Here are some tips to rekindle the spark in Marriage just like you had the day you got married!

Date Your Spouse!

First of all, dating is crucial in marriage! Life can get busy, but dating is the best thing you can do with your spouse. Schedule a weekly date night on the calendar. It does not have to be expensive or super elaborate! The most important thing is that you are going on a date! After kids it is hard to date, so check out How to Make Date Night Happen With Kids!

Surprise Your Spouse!

Everybody loves surprises! Maybe send a text that makes them think, “Wow! I can’t wait to see my husband/ wife tonight!” Write a note and stick it in their car to find later! Send flowers, or chocolate, or maybe buy tickets to their favorite band who is in town!

Connect Every Day!

It is important to talk every day with your spouse! This is a key ingredient to keeping the spark alive. Why do you ask? Because it allows you to not just have a physical connection, but an emotional one too! Life gets busy, but communicating helps you to still connect! Communicate past the typical “I love you!” Tell your spouse what you love about them! Explain to them how much they mean to you! These small things create a big spark! Try it and see!

Show Each Other You Love Each Other!

Be affectionate with each other! Hug, kiss, hold hands. As you pass brush by them. Flirt with each other. Talk about Sex. Yes! I know I said it, but we need too! Do the things that allow your spouse to know that you are 100% into them!

Stop the Routine!

Keeping the spark alive in marriage is all about mixing things up! Stop the predictability. Try new things together in and out of the bedroom. Changing things brings things from good to great, and your partner wanting more! Be adventurous and take risks with one another!

Make the Choice!

Sometimes keeping the spark comes down to making the choice to love! Choose to love your spouse every day. Decide to make them your top priority! Put away your phones and other things that distract you and focus on the one you love! Choose to love them through their faults! As you do this it will help keep the spark alive in your marriage!

It’s time to bring back the spark in marriage! What will you do to bring it back tonight?

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Keeping the spark in marriage can be difficult at times, but with these tips and tricks you will have sparks flying in no time!








5 thoughts on “Keeping the Spark in Marriage”

  1. These are so sweet! My husband and I haven’t been married a year yet but we were always met with “jokes” that everything changes once you’re married – for us, nothing did! #WanderingWednesday

  2. yep, choose love everyday is what marriage is all about. We celebrate 20 years this year and it’s been tough for some of that through infertility and now the season of small children as older parents (or as a ‘geriatric mother’ is the medical term for birthing over 40 her!). It’s important to children to see their parents as connected outside of them and to know we existed as best friends before they came along

  3. Michele, here’s another one for you: Retain a little mystery–fly solo in the bathroom! I don’t know why all the remodeling shows feature people who want two sinks in the bathroom–I always say, My husband and I haven’t kept the romance alive all these years by watching each other floss and brush! 😀

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