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Looking for a red dress that won’t show too much skin? You don’t want to miss these 20 modest red dress options for every occasion!

Modest Red Dress Favorites This Year

What is it about wearing a red dress that just makes you feel so amazing?! Red is just is so vibrant, flirty, and fun!

But finding a modest red dress that’s comfortable and works well with your mom life? Not always so fun or easy! So I’ve rounded up a huge list of my favorite modest red dresses that are appropriate, comfy, and fun!

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How to Pick the Right Modest Red Dress

Need help picking the right modest red dress for you? Here are some tips that will help!

Know your body type. If you don’t know your body type, do some research to find out! Knowing your shape can help you pick a dress that fits better and looks better.

Accessorize. Even just a light bracelet or necklace can make a red dress stand out so much more. If you aren’t a jewelry person, try out a watch, purse, or hat!

Go for quality. I’m not saying you have to buy the most expensive red dress you can find, but look for quality pieces that will last and hold their shape! If you have a low budget, try to look for deals or go thrifting.

Emphasize your waist. You can rock any dress if you let your waist show! If you pick a dress that doesn’t already accentuate your waist, a belt is a great option.

My 20 Top Modest Red Dress Choices

Best overall modest red dress: Ruffle Hem Maxi Dress

Best splurge modest red dress: Sophisticated Style Red Maxi Dress

Best affordable modest red dress: Daring Vision Red Maxi Dress

Get Obsessed Red Maxi Dress

This dress is dripping in a look of luxury without the high price tag! It’s almost a goddess silhouette that drapes beautifully and highlights the waist. It sits off the shoulder so it shows just enough skin without being over-the-top.

Sleeve Loose Plain Maxi

You could sleep in this cozy maxi dress it’s so stretchy and comfortable! The solid red will add a bold touch even though you’ll be covered from head to toe.

Ruffle Hem Maxi Dress

There’s not a single thing to dislike about this gorgeous tiered burgundy dress! It’s got functioning buttons for breastfeeding moms, little subtle cutouts on the sleeves, and a cinched waist that pulls it all together.

My Philosophy Red Wrap Dress

I’m loving this red wrap dress for a date night or girls’ night out! The V-neck can be a little bit low depending on your bra size, but if you add a little layer underneath, this makes a great modest red dress option.

Uncomplicated Appeal Earth Red Dress

My dresses usually get exchanged for something more comfortable as soon as I get home, but with a dress as comfortable as this I could wear it all day! The shape and material make it so soft and perfect for all my mom duties while still looking fashionable.

Daring Vision Red Maxi Dress

The texture on the red fabric of this dress is to die for! The subtle vertical stripes are so slimming so you can be sure you’ll look your best. And don’t forget about those cute puff sleeves that look effortlessly beautiful.

I Can’t Resist Deep Red Lace Midi Dress

I might have to grab this one for any holiday parties that I attend this year! The red lace contrasting with a nude lining is absolutely lovely and the snug fit will have you looking so sexy without showing too much skin!

Casual Loose Pocket Long Dress

Every mom needs a dress like this! I can picture it dressing up or down so easily. Throw on some jewelry, heels, and a belt for a perfect date night outfit. Wear it with a baseball cap and some sneakers for a perfect comfy casual mom outfit. Either way, you’ll look great!

Frilled With You Red Midi Dress

This extra-ruffled dress has serious romantic vibes that I can’t get enough of. And I love the length of it! I could move in it and still be completely covered the whole time.

Sophisticated Style Red Maxi Dress

The wrap silhouette with this flowy fabric is a classic look that won’t ever go out of style. There’s a slight flow in the sleeves that keeps everything looking so weightless! You’d think this dress would be pretty expensive but it’s actually a steal!

Daily Ritual Women’s Jersey

A simple classic that everyone needs in their closet! This plum-colored dress has the simplest shape in a cozy t-shirt fabric so you can make it your own with the accessories that you choose.

A Burning Question Red Lace Dress

How fun is this structured lace red mini dress? It’s not too low cut as has sleeves to mid-length puffy sleeves that add great detail. The selling point is really the adorable ruffled bottom for me though!

Simply Wonderful Red Ribbed Bodycon Midi Dress

If you don’t have a ribbed bodycon dress yet, start here! They are so comfortable and fit right along your body without being too snug. And the ribbed texture going vertically on your body is so flattering!

Maeve Flouncy Tunic Dress

I’ve been looking for a casual summer dress that can double as a swim coverup and this might be it! I love the little bit of pleating on it. And the ruffle bottom makes it feminine and fun!

Verdusa Women’s Plus Size Bodycon Dress

This dress is absolutely stunning! The wine color is one of my favorites because it looks so rich. It has a faux-wrap silhouette with puff sleeves and a midi length so it’s ultra-flattering!

A Line Swing Flared Skater

There’s a reason A-line dresses like this red bombshell are so popular. They are so comfortable but look so good! The top of this dress almost has a princess-cut look with bold seams that really add some beautiful structure!

Women’s Floral Lace Long Sleeve Off Shoulder

If you have an event coming up, you can stop your search because this dress will shine wherever you go! I wish I could get away with wearing this off-the-shoulder dress to the grocery store or picking my kids up because it’s so gorgeous.

Womens Bell Sleeve

I think I’m all in on this red bell sleeve dress! Between the sleeve detail, the fabric that looks soft as butter, and the high neckline I can’t decide what I like the most!

Women’s Tie Waist Long Sleeve Cocktail Dress

Wow, this dark red dress is amazing! It’s so modest and sophisticated looking without losing the fun! And the detail around the hips of the dress is going to be so flattering and cover up any imperfections.

Women’s Short Sleeve Ruched Casual

These dresses are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing a dress! And the extra fabric in the waistline means it will even work as a maternity dress which is always a bonus.

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