Mom Brain

I’m sure we have all experienced Mom Brain at one time or another. It really is inevitable. But my Mom Brain took my Monday to a whole new level!

Life UnEdited #25

If this doesn’t make your day better, I have no idea what will!

The other night I was getting my kids ready for bed. I have two in diapers, so my husband and I usually tag-team. He gets one kid, I get the other. Spencer is usually a really good sport and lets me choose which child I want to finagle. I, of course, usually choose the easier of the two.

For some reason, I decided to take this daunting task on by myself.

That was my first bad idea.

I somehow coax both my 3-year-old (yes, he is still in diapers) and my 14-month-old to lay down and let me change them at the same time. My 14-month-old, Mason, is still in this fun phase where he enjoys trying to grab his junk while trying to escape diaper changes. It’s so much fun! 😉 Anyway, Cameron, who is 3, lets me change him and get his pajamas on and went on his merry way. Mason was still running about and I got distracted with some other task I needed to complete. Probably loading the dishwasher or something.

Wait. Let me tell you first…

Mason hadn’t had any stinky diapers that day. You know where this is going, right?

So, I continue to do my nightly routine with tidying up, and my husband comes downstairs.

“What’s all over Mason’s hands?”

“What? I dunno.”

Spencer goes in for a closer look as Mason is making his way up the flight of stairs toward his dad.


Yup! You read that right. The child I had forgotten to diaper pooped all over the carpet. He had it all over him!

My husband ran Mason to the bathroom and got him all cleaned up. And my Monday night consisted of steam cleaning my stairs and landing area.

I mean, the carpet needed to be cleaned anyway, right?

So gross!

So don’t be like me. Make sure you diaper your children. Most of all, just have a better end to your day than poop all over your carpet.

Make Your Monday Better!

I'm sure we have all experienced Mom Brain at one time or another. It really is inevitable. But my Mom Brain took my Monday to a whole new level!

Shiree is my other half. She calls herself boring, but she is far from it! She lives in Kansas City with her husband and her 4 kids ages 7, 5, 2, and 1! She really is super mom as she spends hours working on the blog and finding a way to still take care of her kids effortlessly! Shiree was married young and started a family right away. She jokes all the time that nothing could have prepared her for motherhood other than motherhood!

After becoming a mom she decided to get as much knowledge as she could about raising kids and strengthening families so she decided to go to college. She obtained her degree in Marriage and Family studies and is now a Family Life Educator. She has a desire to pay it forward and help other parents raise kids and strengthen their families.

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