Time Management Hacks For Mompreneurs Losing Their Sanity

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Time Management Hacks For Mompreneurs Losing Their Sanity

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If you’re reading this, then it means you are a red-cape wearing mompreneur, and that alone makes us want to double-high-five you, worship you and hug you all at the same time. Being a mom is without a doubt the toughest job on the planet. The most amazing, heart-warming and fulfilling, but also the toughest. You’re up well before dawn and still not in bed well after dusk.

So when you add in the mayhem of trying to run a business you create a recipe for one super-stressed mama-bear. Thankfully, the trick to staying sane is time-management, which is the ultimate challenge.

Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together a few strategies that will help you tackle that to-do list, maximize your productivity, minimize your ‘dead-time’ and let you have as much quality time with your family as possible.

Perfect Your Prioritization

As a mom, a natural skill we develop is that of multitasking. We juggle this and that and a little bit more of this.

We do all this with the hope it will save us time. But guess what? This is a total myth. Unfortunately, multitasking actually makes us 40% less productive. Thus meaning it isn’t saving us any time whatsoever.

We suggest you make a priority list of what you need to get done each morning and stick to it. This will make you so much more effective, efficient and focused.

It also feels great to check off the things you get done off your to-do list.


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Tech Saves So Much Time

Nothing will save you more time than technology, and not just any technology but mobile technology. It’s using that little device in your back-pocket to set reminders, make lists, pop things in your calendar and check what you may have forgotten. But it goes way beyond this too.

Cloud services, like those offered by Enteracloud, will let you access and store data remotely and thus work from anywhere. There are apps out there that let you manage your children’s chores so that you and your partner can remain on the same page.

There are video conferencing tools, like Skype for business, that allow you to be part of those important meetings when you’re running late because of the school activities and drop-offs.  

Use these to your advantage! This is a time when technology can be your friend!

Schedules Are The Secret

Having a routine helps you to make the most of your time. So, if it’s possible, try and make your schedule consistent on a daily basis.

Having your tasks scheduled stops you from having to think about what you need to be doing. It allows you to know what you should be doing next, both of which are real time-wasters. That to-do list will be a time saver. 

Don’t just use this for work either. You are a mompreneur and that means you need your schedule needs. These include time for yourself, your kids, your partner and even those little home maintenance tasks.

Oh, and be sure to schedule in some break time too. Everyone needs an hour or so to relax throughout the day.  Scheduling tasks also help you prioritize your to-do list!  


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Separate The Two

This is the hardest challenge of them all – leaving your work at the office, especially when your work is at home! But it’s so important you draw that line. The best thing you can do is follow the lead of a creative copywriter we know, who draws the line with the hours he works. He starts at 8.30 am and he finishes at 4 pm. Then, if he has gotten anything left on his to-do list, he does it for an hour after his kids have gone to bed. It’s a great discipline to have.

There you have it! Great tips on how to not lose your sanity as a Mompreneurs with these great time management tricks!



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  1. Great, great, great advice! I agree with everything 100%. It is really hard to break that mutitasking habit! I try to avoid it when I am working on key tasks. I am trying to focus on using time blocking strategy.


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