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How Multitasking as a Mom Saves Time

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I think it is inevitable that when you have a long to-do list the kids always need you more than ever. Does this happen to you too? Since birth, Tony loves to be in my arms!  In fact, you can usually find him in my arms throughout the day! Because of this, I have learned the value of Multitasking as a mom!

As moms, we multitask a lot! In fact, at times if we didn’t multitask we would get nothing done! Over the years I have discovered some things that allow me to get things done while still being present in my kids lives through multitasking!

How Multitasking as a Mom Helps Get Things Done

Wear your babies!

Tony loves to be in my arms. This makes it difficult to accomplish simple tasks. But when I wear him he feels like I am holding him, and I have two hands-free! Winning right there! I do dishes with him, play outside with the other kids, clean counters, fold laundry… I have even built and painted a shed while wearing him! You Name it, I can do it while wearing him! My favorite front pack is this one!

Exercise with Your Kids

It is so easy to say, “I don’t have time to exercise” when you have little kids, especially babies. But do you know what? Exercise is good for your soul! I love to take the kids on walks I throw them in the stroller and push them around the neighborhood. We look at birds and trees. We talk about the colors. I selfishly do this, but the added bonus is they love the walks too! Take a walk as a family, go on a bike ride, or play basketball in the yard together. Get out and get moving while you spend time with the kids!

Work and Play at the Same Time

So often you will find me sitting on the floor using my couch as a table! Why do I do this? Because I am on the same level as my kids so they will bring me books and toys to play with them. At the same time though, I can work because my laptop is on the couch. This is how I am able to work from home, and still play with the kids. 

Cook and Bake Together

I love to assign “dinner” as a chore in our house! I don’t always, but when I do it works out great! As we cook or bake I get to spend one on one time with a child and get some extra help too. This is a fun time to learn about their life a little bit more, while multitasking as a mom. 

Clean Together

I know my kid’s don’t love this one, but it teaches them responsibility. We clean bathrooms together, pick up toys, you name it we do it together. As we clean we talk. With small kids, you can play games to see who could pick up faster you or them. Talie loves to get her broom out and help sweep. If you make it fun and you do it with your kids it will be more enjoyable. This is a perfect example of how multitasking as a mom saves you time. It allows you to spend time with your child while accomplishing tasks that need to get done. 

A Final Thought about Multitasking As a Mom

It is so easy for us to get caught up multitasking that we forget to stop and enjoy our kids. They grow up so fast. With that being said, stop and just play with them. Hold them a little longer. Read one more book to them. Because here is the thing, there is always something to do. And there will be a time where you will have all the time in the world to get it done. But when that happens you will be missing your little distractions you used to multitask with!

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Multitasking as a Mom does not have to be Hard with these great tips! Share with others on Pinterest!

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