My Bed is a Dumping Ground for Bodies

My bed is a dumping ground for bodies! Do you ever feel that way? My kids seem to always find their way down to my bed and bam sleeping bodies everywhere!


Life UnEdited #2


This week my bed has been a dumping ground for bodies at night. Tony HATES to sleep in his crib… He loves to just snuggle in with me all night long and eat whenever he pleases, lucky me, right? My sleep is always so restful! But lately, we have had an adorable 2-year-old coming down once again to visit in the middle of the night! She then wants a drink, wants to talk to me, and even thinks we should watch TV! Does anyone else have this problem????

I know I’ve blogged about how to keep her in bed here, but there are still those nights that she comes for a visit. So, therefore, it makes my bed a dumping ground for small children! Does anyone else have this problem? Here’s the thing though deep down don’t care because these moments will all pass too quickly and I’m going to miss this!


LifeUnEdited Week #2~I promised I would give you life UnEdited each week, so here it is me getting real with you with my adventures of Parenting and Marriage! If you are just joining us, click here to find out just why we are giving you Life UnEdited!








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  • Misadventures with Megan

    secretly I love when the kids climb in bed with me. I am always soooo tired but I know one day will be the last and that makes me so sad!

    March 1, 2018 at 9:30 pm Reply
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