My Circus Act

With my typical ratio of two kids to one adult, I often look like a crazy woman when I go out and about with my kids. I had a really special experience.


With my typical ratio of two kids to one adult, I often look like a crazy woman when I go out and about with my kids. I had a really special experience


Life UnEdited #22 My Circus Act at the Doctor


Last Wednesday I had to take my son to the doctor. The allergist to be specific. I have two other children that have food allergies, so I needed to get Cameron tested to see if he had any because he is going to be starting preschool this upcoming school year.


I have two kids that stay at home with me during the day while the older two go to school. Cameron is 2 and Mason is 1. They can be really hard to take places! They both want to walk around and follow their own agenda instead of mine.


This can be frustrating at the store, the park and even the doctor. With 2 kids in tow, I often feel like a walking circus.


Let’s back up to before the appointment. I have to get my kids ready to go, as well as myself. I would like to look kind of presentable and for my children to be as well.


This wasn’t so bad. My kids were actually pretty cooperative and we even made it into the car before my determined leave time (you know, the time us moms have in our minds as to the very latest we can leave the house and still be on time).


So far, I’m surviving.


This is where things get a bit hard. Cameron decides to take a nap on the way. UGH! When I finally find parking, he doesn’t want to wake up and walk. So I have to carry the 2-year-old while I try and push an umbrella stroller with my 1-year-old in it (who is very heavy, like at least 25 pounds) that has terrible steering.


I walk through the parking garage and make it into the waiting room and have to wait in a massive line to sign in.

I’m already sweating, by the way.

And Cameron decides to wake up, screaming. Yup….just what I needed.


I finally get him settled, I mean if you can call him laying on the floor settled, and take Mason into the kid area that is closed off. We get called back and Cameron really doesn’t want to have to go back. Another tantrum. As much as I understand that I’m a walking circus and try to ignore that people are gawking at me, it still gets to me. You would think after having four children I would be used to it.


We get back to the scale and Cameron still isn’t cooperating with the nurse. She really needs to have his weight in case medication needs to be administered from a potential reaction.  We cannot skip this step. It isn’t an option.


Let’s be real here…I was really struggling. I was trying to hold Mason while trying to calm Cameron and get him to just do what we needed him to do.

The Saving Grace


A doctor that was working in her office was watching me fall apart. She valiantly swoops in and takes hold of Mason while I work with Cameron. She then proceeds to walk back with us and stays with us for about 10 minutes until the nurse can run and get the stroller that I left behind in the waiting room.


I am so thankful when people help me with my kids, but sometimes it also makes me feel like a failure…like they are judging me for not being able to keep everything in check. They probably are but they are being nice. I try to be understanding when I see struggling moms in public places.


Kids are not easy! They are little people with their own little ideas. I’m not so sure I would want to have to do everything an adult wanted me to do much of the day if I were in their shoes.


So, I want to thank that wonderful doctor that stepped up and helped me at the allergist on a stressful doctor day. You really, really made that appointment easier for me and I don’t have any idea what your name is. Without a second thought, you stepped in.


I want to be more like her. She probably had waiting patients ready to be seen by her, but she didn’t stress that with me. This doctor stayed in the moment with me when I needed it the most.

Thank you for being the person that saved my circus act that day!


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  • momlifewithchiari

    That is so sweet. It’s nothing bad, I’m sure they didn’t think any of that. They stepped in when you needed them to help you – there’s nothing else too that. We moms need to be more loving and patient with ourselves. Not read too much into a simple loving gesture by a stranger. I have my own circus – it’s never easy, but it’s worth it! 😊🙏🏽

    July 19, 2018 at 3:17 pm Reply
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