14 Tips to Help Master Nighttime Potty Training

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Potty training at night can add a whole new level of stress but these 14 nighttime potty training tips will help your child stay dry all night long.

I was so excited when I finally finished potty training Tony during the day! No more cleaning up multiple accidents a day and a little more time on my hands since he was now using the bathroom on his own. But there was only one problem, he was still having accidents at night.

I am going to say it… Nighttime potty training stinks!

I thought that once my toddler could use the potty like a pro during the day, he would go right to being a pro at night too. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works! Even when your child is potty trained during the day, nighttime potty training can take months longer! 

Luckily, nighttime potty training is the final step in potty training. No need to stress because these 14 nighttime potty training tips will help you learn how to nighttime potty train in no time.

14 Nighttime Potty Training Tips

Having to change the sheets every night is exhausting, especially when you are having to change them in the middle of the night while you are half asleep! It sure made me want to finish potty training as quickly as possible. 

These nighttime potty training tips are exactly what you need so that your toddler can stay dry through the whole night. 

Make sure they are ready!

You are probably ready but your child may need more time. Most of the time you can’t jump right into nighttime potty training right after mastering daytime training. 

If your child wakes up dry for several weeks, it’s a great sign that they are ready to start nighttime potty training!

Make sure you are prepared!

The worst thing is when you wake up in the wee hours of the morning to clean up an accident and you realize you are unprepared! 

To avoid this, make sure to have what you need nearby.

I love to have an additional waterproof mattress protector, a set of sheets, new potty training underwear, and PJs on the dresser ready for any nighttime accident. 

Stay positive.

Each child is different. Praise their successes. Keeping a positive attitude will help you and your child feel better when accidents happen.

If they have a lot of accidents, keep it positive and try waiting a few weeks before trying potty training at night again.

Take them to the bathroom right before bedtime.

This is so helpful in avoiding accidents! It also gets them used to routinely going to the bathroom before sleeping. 

It is the best habit to encourage as you begin nighttime potty training!

Limit liquids.

Trying to hold it all night will only be harder if they drink a lot of liquid before bedtime. A great rule to follow is to avoid giving them liquids an hour before bedtime. 

It’s a great way to help them be successful potty training at night!

Practice makes perfect!

Practicing will help your child feel confident. Walk them through the process of going to the bathroom at night. It helps them know what to expect as they begin nighttime potty training. 

They will have fewer accidents because they know exactly where to go and what to do. Which means fewer interruptions and more sleep for you!

Avoid shame.

When accidents happen, avoid shaming your child. Making them feel ashamed will make potty training harder. 

They are usually already upset about wetting the bed. Clean up the mess quickly and remain neutral.

You can reassure your child that accidents happen and remind them to keep trying. Focusing on effort is the best reinforcer!

Teach them to pay attention to their body.

Talk to them about paying attention to their body at night and getting up to go to the bathroom whenever they need to. Learning to recognize when they need to go will mean fewer accidents and will help you sleep soundly!

Offer your help.

Make sure your child knows that you are there to help them if they need it! This will reassure them so they don’t wet the bed simply from being scared to go alone.

Put a potty by their bed.

Sometimes the toilet is too far away from their room. Putting a potty training toilet next to their bed at first can help them master nighttime potty training.

This tip also helps at first when they are scared of the dark.

Use lights.

Install nightlights in the hallway leading to the bathroom or give them a special flashlight to use. The light keeps them from getting scared and helps them easily find their way to the bathroom.

Nightlights are super helpful when your child is half asleep because they remind them where they need to go!

Use plastic sheets.

This will be a lifesaver! Buying one or two plastic sheets will make nighttime accidents a breeze to clean up.

You can take it off and replace it easily when accidents happen. Plus your child’s mattress won’t be ruined during nighttime potty training!

Use an alarm.

Using a potty training alarm is really helpful if you have a deep sleeper! Waking them up periodically throughout the night can help avoid accidents. 


When your child has a dry night it’s time to celebrate! You can let them watch their favorite show or cook them their favorite breakfast.

Celebrating is a great reinforcer and it keeps the focus on positivity!

Now that you have these 14 nighttime potty training tips on how to nighttime potty train, go ahead and give it a go! Comment below with the tips you found the most helpful.

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