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One of My Greatest Fears Came True

LifeUnEdited Week #6

Mom Fail, Again!

I got up this morning like I get up every day and stumbled out to the kitchen to make lunches before the bus arrives. I packed all the lunches and put them on/in everyone’s backpacks. Yes, I know I let my kids be a little lazy with this because one of my greatest fears is them forgetting their lunch at home and not having a lunch at school and
The bus comes and I begin the rest of my day…

My Fears Are About to Come True

My phone rings at 1:35 pm. I look down, it’s Colby, “Mom, where’s my lunch?”

“In your backpack.”

No, it’s not… I have my lunchbox, but no lunch…”

And then I walk to the kitchen and I realize his pile of lunch is still right there on the

I felt like the worst mom in the world. I totally had failed at #momlife. How could I have forgotten the actual lunch? I tried to take him something, he said there is no time…I felt horrible.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has failed at the lunch actually making it to the lunchbox?

After school, I, of course, took him to his favorite place to make it up to him and then the next day I snuck in a few pieces of candy so that I was no longer worst mom in the world!


4 thoughts on “One of My Greatest Fears Came True”

  1. I once walked a kid to school and carried her lunch bag for her. Then I dropped her off when the bell rang and went home. When I got home, I had her lunch bag with ME. I forgot to give it to her at drop off. 🙂

    1. Oh Claudette! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who ho forgets! Thank you for sharing your other us!

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