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Teenage over the counter drug abuse is plaguing us. Here is the story of one mom's nightmare and how to look for signs of drug abuse with your teenager.
Recognizing that your teen is addicted to drugs is hard, helping them overcome their addiction is harder. Here is one Read more
Is it hard for boys to aim? I am constantly faced with pee on the seat and the floor! Does anyone else struggle with boys who can't aim or won't aim?
What is up with the boys in our lives? Is everything the urinal? . Is it that hard to go Read more
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Talking with your teenage kids about drugs and alcohol is important. Here are some do's and do not's about talking with them about drugs and alcohol. It is never too early to start talking about Drugs and Alcohol with your kids especially your teens.  
Raising teenagers is hard, but we must do everything we can to protect our teens We need to make sure Read more
The world of entitlement easily sneaks into our home. There's a difference between a privilege and what your entitled to. Read more
With the question of what’s for dinner always looming, it’s time to get organized with this free weekly meal planner & printable. This is the best family meal planner that will change your life! 
I'm pretty sure the number 1 asked questions in everyone’s home is “What’s for dinner?” And along with that comes Read more