How to Plan the Best Birthday Party Ever for Your Child

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How to Plan the Best Birthday Party Ever for Your Child

As a parent, you know how hard it is to try and avoid being intimidated by some of these huge birthday parties that other children have. It is easy to get caught up in trying to compare what you want to do with what other people have done in the past. The main thing that you want to remember is that you don’t need to spend tons of time or even money to try and pull off a great party. Once you realize this, the whole thing will become way easier. So how do you plan a great birthday party for your child? Here are some tips to plan the Best Birthday Party Ever! 


Birthday Party Invitations

The first thing that you need to do is send out your invitations in advance. The traditional and less expensive way is to buy these at the store. You can make them yourself. But if you forget someone then you will have to make up an entirely new invitation. If you want to make filling out the invitations easier, then you can use a rubber stamp to try and make a bunch of invitations at once. You can also print them at home using your computer’s clip-art or cool graphics. This is a great way to make the invitations more personal. It is so easy to make these as well! If you want to adapt to the new way of inviting people there are always Evite to send digital invitations. 

Planning the best kid's birthday party on a budget

Activities for Kid’s Birthday Parties

If you are wanting to host activities at your house then we have a fantastic way for you to save money. Arts and crafts are a great option.  Crafts entertain kids for hours. Crafts are affordable and easy to prep. It then gives you time to focus on the more important aspects of the event as well. If you want to do something different consider letting them make their own bracelets. This is a super affordable way to keep them entertained.  The more resources you provide them with, the happier and more creative they will be. If you chose to have a Pirate themed party, you can even ask them to create their own pirate outfit using the materials provided before you send them out on a treasure hunt for gold coins. This is a fantastic way to incorporate the theme of the party at a low cost. 


Birthday Party Theme

Having a theme is optional when you plan the best birthday party for your kids. If you choose to have a Sports theme then this is a great option! Ask kids to bring their skateboards, protective gear and more. You can then take them all to the park, get some great photos of them doing stunts and then go for ice-cream after. You can also serve funky, homemade drinks as well. As a bonus, this is a great way for you to keep them hydrated.

If you don’t want to go for the sports theme, then use the arts and crafts idea above, or maybe even your own fairy party. You can have a face painting station setup. As for drinks and food, you can also serve fairy juice and even a magical cake as well. You can buy these items already made or you can choose to make them yourself.

How to plan a Kid's birthday on a budget

Birthday Party Bags

Once you have picked a theme and activities, you are well on your way to throwing a great kids birthday party on a budget! Next, you need to decide if you will be passing out goodie bags at the end of the party.  Party bags need to be planned out in advance. You need to decide if you will put in small trinket toys or maybe some treats. Whatever you decide to put in the goodie bags all the kids will be happy to take one home! 


Birthday Party Food

As we plan the best birthday party for our kids, we need to think about what we to serve. If you are serving food and cake then you need to make sure that none of the kids are allergic to any of the ingredients. Once you have done that, then decide what you want to serve. Pizza may be a great option. Sandwiches are always perfect to make as well!


What to Wear to the Birthday

It is also a good idea for you to try and list the dress code on your invitations. For example, if your child wants to wear Gucci jeans and they are going to the movies they will feel confident on the day knowing they are dressed perfectly for the party. If you are going swimming, however, then you may want to tell everyone to bring a swimsuit with them. Because the last thing you want is a child not able to participate because they didn’t bring a swimsuit.  As we plan the best birthday party listing what to wear on the invitations is crucial so everyone can be included! 


So as you can see, you can plan the best birthday party for your kids on a budget that is filled with fun for everyone! 

There you have it! Now you can plan the best birthday party for your child! Pin this so others can know how easy it can be as well!


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Planning a birthday party can be intimidating with all the great birthday party ideas out there. So how do you plan a great birthday party for your child and one a budget? Here are some tips to plan the Best Birthday Party Ever that does not break the bank or take a ton of prep work! 


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