Perfect Positive Affirmations For Husband

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Try these positive affirmations for husband as you do you will strengthen your relationship with your husband and show him how much you really do care!

Positive Affirmations For Husband

Does your husband know how much you love him? Sometimes life can get so busy and we forget to let our husbands know how great they are. With these positive affirmations for husband he will certainly feel the love you have for him. 


What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are powerful phrases that challenge your negative thoughts and help turn them to positive thoughts instead. These positive affirmations for the husband are a twist on the typical positive affirmations. With typical positive affirmations, you are reciting them to yourself and trying to change your belief system about yourself. With these positive affirmations, you are reciting the positive affirmations to your husband to try to get them to believe those things and to change any negative thoughts they might have about themselves or the way you view them. 

As you recite these positive affirmations for your husband, it will benefit you as well because you will believe those phrases even more and start an amazing habit of looking for the good in your spouse. Positive affirmations for marriage work, especially when you believe in them together!


Do positive affirmation really work?

You might be wondering, will positive affirmations for my husband really work? We really believe that these will work and here is why…Research has shown that as we recite positive phrases often, they start to seep into our subconscious and eventually our brain will start to believe those things and actually shift to start thinking more positively rather than negatively. 

Does your husband ever get down on himself or worry that he isn’t everything he should be? There are a lot of expectations that our men face- from providing a living to taking care of kids to being a good spouse. I know my husband struggles with this at times and these positive affirmations for my husband are so powerful because they help him see what I see in him and, like the research says, the more I recite these positive affirmations for my husband, the more he will begin to believe the positive affirmations himself!

What are words of affirmation?

Words of affirmations are the words that we use to form our positive affirmations for husband. These words should be powerful, bold and strong in order for our positive affirmations to be most effective. I also try to keep my positive affirmations for my husband in present tense and focusing on what he is rather than focusing on what he can be. This way, my husband can see that I am proud of who he is at that very moment. 


Why are positive affirmations for my husband so important?

This is a great way to let your man know that you appreciate him and respect him and all that he does. A lot of guys really need this verbal acknowledgement to help them feel supported and appreciated so these positive affirmations really do go a long way in boosting your man’s confidence and allowing him to feel supported. 

It’s almost natural to focus on the things that bother us about the people we are with all the time. The amazing thing about doing positive affirmations for husband is that not only will they hear how you feel about them and start to believe them but you will start to believe them as well! As you make a point to recite these positive affirmations to your husband, you will have a shift in your thought process about your husband to be more positive! Just think how powerful this tool will be in your marriage! Instead of focusing on the negative, you will automatically begin looking for the good in your spouse and focusing on his positive qualities. 

How to do Positive Affirmations for my husband

There are a couple of different ways you can approach these positive affirmations for your husband. One way would be to pick out several positive affirmations that represent your husband and be sure to tell them to your husband on a regular basis. 

Another thing that you could do is write these positive affirmations on sticky notes and put them in places where your husband will see them often and be able to be reminded of them. My husband loves getting into his car and seeing a sticky note with something I love about him written on it. You can always combine the two methods for these positive affirmations to become extra effective. As you share these positive affirmations with your husband, it really has the power to transform their day!  

Here are some examples of positive affirmations for husband:


You make me a better person

I love being with you

You make me feel loved

You are a great friend

I believe in you

I appreciate you

You are loved

You are a blessing to our family

You work so hard for us

You are a great father

You are fun to be around

You are so smart

I value your input

You’re so handsome

I love your sense of humor

I trust you

I am proud to be your wife

You are strong

You are so brave

You inspire me to be my best self

You’re a great provider

You are my man

You look so nice!

I admire you

I can do anything with you by my side

I feel safe with you

You are amazing

You’re a great lover

You have great ideas

You are my favorite person

You are my rock

You are so thoughtful

I have confidence in you

I am committed to you

I will always love you

You have so much to offer

You are a faithful husband

I look up to you

I am lucky you are mine

You are such a leader

I support your dreams

You teach me so much

You are my best friend

You make me feel beautiful

You are a gentleman

You are my greatest blessing

You are my best friend

I love you

I am passionate for you 


There you have a great list of positive affirmations for husband. Be sure to share with us if you use any other good ones in the comments below! 

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