50 + Positive Affirmations for Toddlers

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Positive affirmation benefits aren’t limited to adults and older kids. Toddlers can benefit from them too! Positive Affirmations for Toddlers are great for helping your growing little one feel loved and confident!


Positive Affirmations for Toddlers

If you’ve read our posts about Positive Affirmations then you might be wondering whether or not you can use this amazing tool with your toddlers!

It may seem like it’s easier to do positive affirmations for yourself or with older kids, but I promise it’s just as simple to do toddler affirmations.

Toddler affirmations are so incredibly important because the toddler years are so important!

Being a toddler is not always easy. It’s no wonder that you hear about “terrible twos” or “threenagers.” There is so much development going on that creates a lot of changes for your little one!


Your Toddler is growing!

During their toddler years, your child is going through so many things.

Their bodies will grow like crazy and they’ll start to look more like a kid and less like a baby. Their speech will begin to improve and conversations will start! You’ll see them mastering new skills every day and getting frustrated when they can’t get something right.

One of the most difficult things for your toddler to navigate is their emotions. They are trying to make sense of all of the feelings that are still so new to them. You may seem them getting frustrated because they don’t know how to express what they are feeling.

Not only are they making sense of how they feel, but also of how you feel about them. Attachment and bonds will start even before your child is born, but the toddler years are so important for your child to understand what they can expect from your relationship.

Your toddler will learn all these new changes by playing, by experimenting, and most of all they will learn by observing. They watch everything that you do and say!


Why Does Your Child Need Toddler Affirmations?

So why not say and do things that will help your toddler learn, grow, and feel your love?

Affirmations for toddlers are like reinforcements. These simple phrases will help them to clarify and understand both your emotions and their own. Many toddler affirmations will help them work through difficult feelings that they don’t understand.

Since these years are the beginning of their emotional regulation, having a mom or dad there to help make sense of everything is such a big help!

It also can’t be overstated that it’s so important to develop healthy bonds and attachment with your toddler. The relationship that you create with them early in life will carry on throughout their life and even into their own adult relationships.

So what are you waiting for? Start using affirmations for toddlers in your home and help strengthen your little one!


How to Use Positive Affirmations for Toddlers

Positive affirmations for toddlers don’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler they are the more likely your toddler will understand them and the more likely that you will use them.

Stick to simple statements that will help boost your toddler’s confidence, teach important truths about kindness, or affirm their importance to you.

I like to do my affirmations for toddlers in the morning as we get ready for the day. I think there’s a lot of power in giving them a sweet affirmation first thing in the morning.

But the great thing about affirmations is that they don’t have to be a structured part of your routine if you don’t want them to be. Positive affirmations can be used all day long whenever your toddler needs them.

You may want to start with a more intentional approach to get in the habit. Perhaps you could write a few affirmations down and make them a part of your morning routine. Soon though, you’ll realize that saying words of affirmation will become a habit!

When your toddler begins to be more comfortable with their speech, you can start teaching them how to say some of these powerful mantras, but for now you’ll want to focus your energy on saying positive affirmations to them.


50 + Affirmations for Toddlers

two kinds in a box happy because the y know what positive affirmations for toddlers are and feel good about themselves

Here’s a great list of positive affirmations for toddlers that can help get you started:

  • I always try my best
  • I am a big girl/boy
  • I am a good friend
  • I am a good sport
  • I am a winner
  • I am brave
  • I am curious
  • I am easy to be around
  • I am enough
  • I am funny
  • I am good boy/girl
  • I am happy
  • I am helpful
  • I am important
  • I am nice to others
  • I am not afraid to cry when I am sad
  • I am not alone
  • I am one of a kind
  • I am safe
  • I am smart
  • I am special
  • I am strong like a mountain
  • I am the best me I can be
  • I believe in myself
  • I believe in you.
  • I belong
  • I can achieve my dreams
  • I can ask for help
  • I can be a leader
  • I can do better next time
  • I can listen
  • I can say “i’m sorry”
  • I can stay calm
  • I can tell the truth
  • I choose my attitude
  • I don’t give up
  • I have an amazing imagination
  • I help my family
  • I know you can do it.
  • I love myself
  • I love to build
  • I love to learn
  • I love to play
  • I love you.
  • I matter
  • It’s okay to be different
  • It’s okay when you make a mistake.
  • I will be okay
  • I work hard
  • Mommy and Daddy love me
  • My body is strong
  • My future is bright
  • My life is fun
  • Today is a great day!
  • You are so loving.
  • You are special to me.
  • You get better every day.
  • You have great ideas.

So get started now by adding some affirmations for toddlers into your routine. It’s the easiest way to strengthen your bond with them and teach them how to navigate their big emotions!


How are you going to use positive affirmations for toddlers in your home? Share in the comments!

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  1. I have a little 4-year-old that I have tried to implement positive affirmations with (she has a lot of BIG feelings quite often) and it has been so amazing to see the change in her (and in me as I am reminded of how wonderful she is). I love this post so much and it gave me a lot of great ideas of some other affirmations we could use!


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