How to Handle Potty Training Accidents Like a Champ

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Potty training accidents usually come out of nowhere. Your child is on their way to potty training success and then an accident. What do you do when your child has an accident? These 9 tips will help you overcome potty accident struggles!

Potty Training Accidents- How to Handle Them

There is nothing more frustrating than potty training accidents. I think for most moms and dads our first initial reaction is eye rolls and frustration. But we know that this doesn’t help in our child’s potty training journey. So what do we do when accidents occur? We are answering this question and more when we talk all about potty training accidents! 

Are accidents normal when potty training?

Yes, Yes, and yes! Accidents are completely normal while potty training. And while they might be really frustrating as a parent they help a child on their potty training journey. 

Is my child having accidents or going through potty training regression?

Potty training accidents are just what they are called accidents. This usually happens early on in their potty training journey. They may occasionally happen when they get too busy or sidetracked months after they are potty trained. 

Potty training regression is an onslaught of many accidents in a row for several days or when your toddler refuses to use the bathroom. 

By knowing the difference between accidents and regression it can help you address the program properly. 

My child is having more accidents than normal why?

Potty training is sort of like riding a roller coaster. You are on a nice steady enjoyable ride and then there is a big drop followed by lots of twists and turns. Potty training accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. 

  • Too Busy- Sometimes your toddler just gets too busy to remember to use the bathroom. They are playing, running, around, and miss those signals their body is telling them that they have to use the bathroom until it is too late. 
  • Afraid- Have you ever heard of potty training poop anxiety? Yes, it is a real thing and so is being afraid of a toilet because they are loud and scary. Get a potty seat and potty step stool to help overcome fear and anxiety. 
  • Routine- Are you on vacation? Did you return to work? Has anything changed in their routine? Changing routines can set off a sequence of potty accidents. 
  • Tired- If your toddler is overly tired this can prevent them from remembering to go and use the potty. 
  • Pressure- Are you putting lots of pressure on your toddler to use the potty? You want to make sure your toddler is ready to potty train. If they aren’t ready this will cause quite a few accidents. 

What to do if your toddler has potty training accidents?

As a parent potty training accidents are so frustrating. In the moment it is so hard to remember that they are learning a new skill. If an accident occurs here are so things to do and so things you want to make sure to avoid!

  • Have a potty training kit on hand! This includes cleaner, disinfectant wipes, and a change of clothes right there in the bathroom with you. 
  • Avoid yelling and expressing frustration. This is one of the leading causes of potty training regression. 
  • Calmly get down at their level. Ask them, “Did you have an accident?” Let them admit and then say let’s clean it up together. 
  • Give them a chance to practice. Let them sit on the toilet for a minute, maybe even read a potty training book to them that you keep in the bathroom. 
  • Remind them that next time we need to not wait so long to use the potty. 
  • Create a potty training schedule. By creating a  potty training schedule you can get your toddler back on track to using the bathroom. 
  • Comfort. It might be sad to your toddler if they have an accident. Be there to support them and show comfort letting them know it’s okay and they can try again! 
  • Print a Potty Training chart- If potty training accidents persist, it might be time to pull back out the potty training chart to motivate them to sit and use the potty. Just remember if you need to pull it back out, it is not a big deal, this too shall pass. 
  • Try not to stress– I know it is frustrating as a parent, but try not to stress about it. Soon your toddler will be accident-free again. 

Potty training is all about encouraging every step of the way even with stepbacks. What do you do when your child has accidents? Share in the comments to help other moms and dads!

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