10 Must-Have Potty Training Books For Toddlers

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Make learning about the potty fun with these must-have potty training books for toddlers. Reading books about the potty gets them comfortable with potty training and makes it fun.

Potty Training Books for Toddlers to Help Make Potty Training Fun

Potty training is a huge milestone for your toddler. You can make it stressful or fun for your toddler. So making it fun is key!

Prepare with a potty training schedule, find the right potty training method that works for you and your toddler, and grab your free printable potty training chart to get your toddler excited! Not only that, but find some fun books for your toddler that focus on pitty training.

These books will get your toddler used to potty language. They will also teach your toddler that everyone goes potty and how they go potty.

What toddler doesn’t love books? My kids are always asking me to read them a book. Having these potty training books for toddlers on hand will help your toddler get comfortable with potty training.

When your toddler starts showing signs of potty training readiness be sure to read these books with them. You don’t have to wait until they are actually potty training to read these potty training books to them.

The Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers

1. Potty by Leslie Patricelli

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

This potty training book is a simple read. It teaches your toddler they have the option of going potty in their diaper or in the toilet. After watching where cats and dogs go potty the baby figures out he goes potty on his potty seat.

2. Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

What’s harder than potty training toddlers? Poop training toddlers, especially if they have potty training poop anxiety! Toddlers aren’t very aware of what happens in their diapers. Once they become aware of what happens they can get embarrassed or scared.

Showing them that everyone, including animals, poops helps them not be embarrassed or scared. They will learn that it’s natural for everyone.

3. A Potty For Me by Karen Katz

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

A great flap book! This book teaches that it takes time to learn how to go pee on the potty. You have to try again and again until you get it right.

There is also a page that takes about accidents and the chance to try again. I love this part. It’s so realistic. Every toddler will experience an accident and they just need to know they will have another chance to try again.

4. The Potty Book by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

You can pick either the girl or boy version of this potty training books for toddlers. Boys and girls use the potty differently so why not have a book that matches your child’s gender to help them.

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

After reading this your toddler will learn to feel proud of themselves for going pee on the potty.

5. Once Upon A Potty by Alona Frankel

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

Another option to pick a girl or boy version that actually shows the anatomy of each. It’s great for toddlers to see pictures that look like them. They will understand the potty better when they see kids that look like them using the potty.

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

6. Even Superheroes Use the Potty by Sara Crow

Toddlers love heroes. They look up to people at such a young age. Showing them that everyone uses the potty, even those they look up to, helps them want to use the potty. They will feel like their favorite superhero.

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

Plus it comes with a reward chart and stickers! Helping celebrate each time your toddler uses the potty.

7. P is for Potty by Naomi Kleinberg

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

Who doesn’t love Elmo! And what toddler doesn’t love flaps. This potty training book for toddlers goes through all the potty training steps.

Flaps are great for when toddlers start to sit on the toilet. It slows them down and gives them the time they need to go potty.

8. Big Girl Panties by Fran Manushkin

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

Most potty training books focus on the process of going potty on the toilet. This one, or the boy version Big Boy Underpants, focuses on saying bye to diapers. It helps toddlers be proud to wear big girl-boy underwear instead of a diaper.  

9. Diapers Are Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

Although it may feel like diapers are forever they really are not. This book teaches kids that soon they will get to move up to underwear when they are done with diapers. It takes time to switch but they will get it.

It also includes some tips for parents on potty training. You can never use too many potty training tips.

10. Daniel Goes to the Potty by Maggie Testa

Potty Training Books For Toddlers

This one doesn’t necessarily teach about how to use the potty. It focuses more on the fact that there are bathrooms just about anywhere we go.

It helps toddlers know that they can use bathrooms while shopping. This gets them use to the idea that any potty is fine to use. It doesn’t have to be just the one at home. It also takes about washing hands after going to the bathroom.

Bonus! It has a flush button that your toddler can push.


Why Potty Training Books for Toddlers?

Get potty training books for toddlers in your toddlers’ hands. Even before they are ready to potty train. It will get them comfortable with the language and the process of going potty on the toilet.

As you read these books with them, make it fun. Don’t just focus on the potty talk, enjoy the time reading with your toddler. If you aren’t stressed they won’t be stressed.

Keep one of these must-have potty training books in the bathroom at all times. It will help keep your toddler on the toilet for a few moments while everything gets going. It will also help remind them of what to do next.

Anything to encourage or help support your toddler is worth it in the end. We want our kids to be proud of themselves. Potty training books will help your toddler learn how to use the potty and that everyone goes potty.

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  1. Teaching a toddler how to use the potty in a fun way will make it easier for them to learn and adapt. I love that there are a lot of books to choose from now these days. Thank you!

  2. I’m so happy we are out of the potty training stage over here! 😉 That said, we did have a few of these books for our youngest. Once she became more interested in the process, they were definitely books she repeatedly asked us to read to her.

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