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If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to potty train your child, then this fun potty training chart is just what you need!

Potty training can take so long! Luckily, using a potty training chart saved me a lot of time and effort. I love potty training charts because they are so easy to use and it uses positive reinforcement to get your kids excited about using the potty! 

You can document your child’s potty training journey each time they successfully use the potty by filling the empty box with a checkmark or with stickers. A potty training sticker chart is a fun way to keep your child motivated to potty train!

Why should you use a potty training chart?

Potty training rewards charts will help your child get out of diapers and learn how to use the potty by themselves. It’s just what you’ve been looking for to help your child stay motivated and potty train quicker!

There are several reasons why using potty training rewards is a smart decision while potty training a toddler.

Track progress

One benefit of using a potty chart is keeping track of progress! Charts make it so easy to keep track of how many accidents and successes your child has. It’s a great visual reminder of how far they have progressed with a simple sticker chart.


Using a potty training chart will keep your child motivated. Which means they will potty train quicker! As they visually see their accomplishments, they will stay motivated.

Using rewards along with your potty training sticker chart can serve as even more motivation. It gives your child something to look forward to! They are more likely to put in the effort when they have something to work towards at the end.

Learn to set goals

Using a potty training chart introduces your child to goal setting. Setting goals is a skill that your child can use their whole life! 

A potty training chart can be one of their first exposures to goal setting. You can use it as a time to talk about their successes or setbacks but still remind them of their overall goal of being potty trained. 

They can mark off their progress on the potty training sticker chart and see how they are getting closer to their goal of being potty trained. It’s a win-win situation as your child becomes potty trained and they learn how to accomplish goals!

For your own peace of mind!

Potty training can take a long time which means you are probably going to feel frustrated. I have found that potty training charts keep me sane during potty training!

Using a potty training sticker chart helps you feel organized. It is the easiest way to keep all the information in one place. Plus, it keeps your child motivated which keeps you sane as you potty train quicker!

5 Tips for using a Potty Training Chart

Potty training charts are more successful when your child feels excited about them! Knowing exactly how to use them and how to get your child excited will make potty training a breeze!

I’ve come up with 5 tips to help you be successful using a potty training chart.

Put it on the wall

Putting the potty training chart on the wall means your child will see it frequently. It will remind them to go on the potty rather than in their pants!

Potty training is so new for your child so they need all the reminders they can get! A potty training chart is the perfect visual reminder for your child to remember that they are potty training.

Talk about it

It is important for you to talk about the potty training chart with your child. Explain why they are getting a special chart and their favorite stickers. Discuss the ultimate goal of potty training and what the stickers mean. 

The more they understand, the more motivated your child will be to use their potty training sticker chart!

Use stickers

Stickers are a great visual representation of your child’s success in potty training. Especially when you use their favorite stickers! 

Using stickers or stamps will get your child excited about using their potty training sticker chart. When they are excited, you can train them to use the potty quickly and efficiently!

Pick a reward

To increase motivation, help your child pick rewards. You can use potty training rewards throughout your journey or have one reward once they finish their potty training sticker chart. 

Smaller rewards could include placing a sticker, eating a special snack, or playing with their favorite toy after using the potty. A large reward could be a trip to the park, a new toy, or watch their favorite movie.

Smaller rewards are great to help your child get started with potty training and a big reward will keep them motivated until the end!

Keep your child involved!

To keep your child involved, make sure they are the ones putting up the stickers or marking it off on the chart. Letting them do it themselves makes it more fun and will keep them motivated!

Free Potty Training Chart

Potty training charts come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. I have created a potty training chart printable that will help your child start and finish potty training!

With fun colors and stars, this potty training chart printable can be used with all of your kids! 

How to use a Potty Training Sticker Chart

There are 7 columns, one for each day of the week so you can use this potty training sticker chart to track each of their successful potty days. Every time your child uses the potty successfully, have them mark the square with a sticker.

There are 4 rows to make sure you have plenty of room to track their progress. As you use this potty training sticker chart, you may not need all 4 rows because your child will be potty trained in no time!

This free printable potty training chart has a reward section at the bottom. So make sure to write the reward that your child will receive for becoming potty trained or for completing the chart.

This easy to use free printable potty training chart will make your potty training journey a lot easier! Click the download button to get your free printable potty training chart.

Now you have all the tools you need to make potty training your toddler successful as you use a potty training chart! What do you like about using a potty training chart? Tell me in the comments!

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