6 Steps to Help with Potty Training Constipation

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There’s not much that can slow down the potty training process quite like potty training constipation. Check out these quick tips to get those bowels moving!

6 Tips to Move Potty Training Poops Along

Your little one is doing great! They have used the potty to pee successfully several times now. But there is one little concern. Your child has not pooped for a few days. Here enters the dreaded potty training constipation. 

What is potty training constipation?

Think back to when your child was still consistently wearing a diaper. How often did they have a bowel movement? Once a day? Twice a day? If that habit has now been broken, your child is struggling with potty training constipation. If not dealt with, constipation will halt your child’s potty training progress. The longer their constipation continues, the longer this vicious cycle will continue.

How can you help?

Nothing says love like holding the chubby hand of your little one while they try to painfully push out a difficult poop. What else can you do? To end potty training constipation, you have to get those bowels moving again. If you’re thinking there might be some potty training poop anxiety or fear then check out expert tips to help with that. If your child is just backed up and needs some encouragement, check out these tips to get things moving again.  

6 Expert Tips to Help with Potty Training Constipation

Push fluids

Without proper hydration, bowels can slow down. Try pushing water and fiber rich liquids like prune juice to help. Have a sippy cup handy to offer a drink as often as you can. 

Increase their dietary fiber

Increasing fiber intake is a natural way to create healthy bowel movements. Sometimes when we talk about fiber we limit ourselves to only vegetables, a common dislike for young kids. But think outside of the box. Many likable foods contain large amounts of fiber.

Consider apples, nuts, beans, or whole grains like oatmeal or whole wheat bread.  

Reduce stress

Sometimes stress can change our regular rhythms. The same theory works on our children too. Have there been too many changes in your household lately? Has routine been thrown for a loop lately?

If you can reduce the stress in your household, your child may be able to get back to their pooping routine.

Encourage and reward

You are your child’s best cheerleader! Make sure you’re encouraging them through the process. Sometimes that first poop after being constipated can be a painful one. Cheer them on. Hold their hand. Comfort them as they struggle through. And then perhaps off a potty training reward when successful!  

Put on the diaper

In a worst-case scenario and you can’t get them to poop, take a step back, and put the diaper back on. Sometimes that loss of security may be preventing them from pooping.

Once your child begins pooping regularly again, take baby steps. Start by bringing them in the bathroom while they’re doing their business in their diaper.

After changing their diaper, dump the poop in the toilet and have them flush.

Eventually, you’ll be able to transition back to the toilet without much fuss.  

Contact your pediatrician

If after trying these tips your child is still experiencing potty training constipation, contact your doctor. They can recommend a fiber supplement dosage to help. Your doctor can give you more ideas and eliminate any other possible causes. 

The Struggle is Real

Most often, pooping in the toilet is the biggest struggle of potty training. When constipation is involved, it’s another hurdle to maneuver. Know that you’re not alone. Potty training constipation is common and can be resolved. Stay patient and persistent. 

One of these 6 tips is bound to work for you! Never fear. Your child will poop in the toilet one day. Potty training constipation won’t last forever. Keep cheering for your little one and remain consistent. You will be successful!

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