7 Effective Ways to Overcome Poop Anxiety

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Potty training poop anxiety is a real thing for many toddlers. Check out these 7 Effective Ways to Overcome Potty Training Poop Anxiety when potty training and get back on track to diaper freedom. 

FIXING Potty Training Poop Anxiety

Here’s a topic you probably never thought you’d be discussing in your adult life! Welcome potty training poop anxiety!

 Has it been a few days since your toddler has had a bowel movement? 

Do they no longer want to sit on the toilet to poop? 

Have no fear! We are sharing all the best tips to help you (and your toddler) overcome potty training poop anxiety and get things moving again. 

Why Poop Anxiety?

Sometimes potty training poop anxiety comes out of nowhere! Other times your child may have had a painful bowel movement and now is wanting to avoid it. Or better yet, they might be pulling a power move. Either way, here are 7 effective tips to help get those bowels moving!

7 effective tips to help get those bowels moving!

Make It Comfortable!

We aren’t talking about spa treatment here. But sitting on a toilet trying to keep from falling in while feet are dangling doesn’t exactly encourage a bowel movement. Use a potty seat insert and potty training stool to help your toddler feel more relaxed and confident.

Pump Up the Fiber!

Could your toddler actually be constipated? Are they getting enough fiber? To make sure they aren’t constipated, add fiber-rich foods like beans, vegetables, and whole grains to their diet. Increasing fluids will help too! Adding in P juices- pineapple, pear, peach, plum, prune, etc will really help, too. 

Big Toilet Fears?

Sometimes the transition from a potty seat to a larger toilet can be scary for a toddler. Think about what was working before the anxiety began. The fear could be related to size, sounds, location, etc. Your toddler may need to watch you (or older siblings) use the toilet to get more familiar with the process. The solution may be as simple as using a potty seat for a couple more weeks while slowly relocating it into the bathroom (if it was in a different room originally). 

Reward, reward, reward!

Use a potty training chart or potty training rewards. This can often motivate a toddler to overcome their fears. Reward ideas include a sticker chart, potty treat jar with small candy, potty prize box with dollar store prizes, or whatever else motivates your toddler!

Take One Step Back… Maybe

(This strategy works best if your toddler isn’t avoiding the toilet to “win.” See the next tip if winning is their goal) 

If a child needs to poop and asks for a diaper, give it to him. Let him sit on the potty with his diaper on. Then, as he gets used to sitting on the potty seat again, try removing the diaper and having him go on the potty. 

A Power Play?

Toddlers have an uncanny ability toward stubbornness. If you believe this to be the reason for their anxiety, don’t make it a big deal. Sometimes the negative attention from accidents or resistance can cause a cycle of potty training stubbornness/anxiety. 

  • Stop talking about the potty and pooping entirely. 
  • Increase his fiber intake with a toddler safe stool softener daily. 
  • If there’s an accident have them help clean it up. 
  • Make sure to flush their poop in the toilet every time so they can see where poop belongs.

Seek Medical Assistance

If none of these suggestions help with the potty training poop anxiety, don’t be afraid to reach out to your doctor. 

Potty training poop anxiety is a common problem for toddlers. It might be as simple as adding the proper dose of Miralax in their next cup of milk! Always consult your doctor before giving your toddler a supplement or medication to help them poop.

Potty training poop anxiety is no laughing matter. It can be stressful for the parents and toddlers alike. The thought of pooping can cause them to go into full-blown meltdown mode. With these tips, you can end this potty training phase and move ahead to complete diaper freedom!

What has worked for you when it comes to poop anxiety with toddlers? Share in the comments. 

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