7 Motivating Potty Training Rewards

Last Updated on March 2, 2021 by Michele Tripple

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Potty training rewards can be an effective tool in your potty training game plan. Check out these suggestions for motivating your little child to use the potty!

Using Potty Training Rewards to Motivate

Ready to potty train? You might be ready, but is your child ready to potty train? (Check out these potty training readiness tips to find out!) Sometimes your child might need some extra motivation to aim for the toilet. These potty training rewards are great to use as motivators. They can even be paired with a potty training chart to create extra visual assistance. 

Using a diaper is much easier for a child. Because of the ease of diaper usage, some children may resist the idea of using a toilet. No matter their opinions of the toilet, potty training is a necessary developmental milestone. 

How do you use Potty Training rewards?

They can be used in a variety of ways, depending on where your child is at in their potty training journey. Give them potty training rewards for any of the following:

  • Sitting on the potty seat.
  • Telling you when they need to go potty.
  • Using the potty to pee. 
  • Using the potty to poop.
  • Remembering to flush the toilet or wash hands
  • Wearing underwear all day
  • Staying dry all day

Whatever part of potty training your child is struggling with in the moment, potty training rewards can be used to help initiate desire for improvement.

To help motivate and encourage, try some of these potty training rewards: 

Potty Training Rewards Ideas

Candy or treat jar

This is the easiest and most obvious reward to give. We can use anything from a mini marshmallow to a cheerio, or a raisin to a chocolate coated candy. When it comes to using food as a reward, anything your child enjoys will work! Make sure it’s small so you’re not filling them up with rewards. Fill a glass jar with the treats so they can be reminded of the reward awaiting them.


Promising a fun activity is always good motivation. Using these potty training rewards does require commitment for you, the potty trainer. Playing a simple board game or pulling out the watercolors might be the perfect motivator!

Create a potty treasure chest

This prize works especially well if you’re using a potty training chart. It would be more of a long term reward unless you’re wanting to empty the basket in less than a day. Take a trip to your local dollar store to pick out little toys to fill the basket. Once they achieve their goal (whatever that might be), let them search the treasure chest for a new little toy! 

Watch a favorite show

Especially if you’re struggling to get them to even sit on the potty seat, letting your little one watch their favorite show while sitting on the toilet might be one of the best potty training rewards yet, especially if they have potty training poop anxiety

Give them a sticker

Some kids love stickers. Use that to your advantage. Pick up a sheet of stickers and let them choose their favorite. 

Host a playdate

Maybe your little one has a favorite friend. Offer to host a playdate the day after their goal is achieved (dry all day, poop in the potty, etc). Your social butterfly may love this potty training reward more than any others.

You decide!

You know your child better than anyone. If this list of rewards does not fit your little one’s personality, then pick something they do enjoy! The options are limitless!

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to make sure you have time to do whatever is promised. There’s nothing worse than a promise of a reward that never actually comes. Breaking the promise of a reward will have much worse than a potty training accident. Be realistic when selecting your potty training rewards and then be consistent.

Potty training rewards can help your child be more motivated. With all the options available, you are sure to find the perfect potty training reward to motivate and encourage your child toward diaper freedom!

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