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Feeling ill or just don’t know what you should have on hand now that you are pregnant? Check out this pregnancy survival kit to figure out your must have pregnancy items


Congrats, you just found out you’re pregnant! You might be wondering what you need now, in a month, and throughout your pregnancy! Don’t worry, we have it handled with this pregnancy survival kit for you!


Pregnancy Survival Kit

I remember my first pregnancy, wow, that was a long time ago! I pretty much found out I was pregnant one morning when I was so sick! During that pregnancy, I was so unprepared because I just didn’t know what I needed to survive my pregnancy. Thankfully since then, I have learned a lot! So I thought I would share my must have pregnancy items with you in this fun pregnancy survival kit post! 

When it comes to being pregnant, these must have pregnancy items that will help you get through even the toughest pregnancy days. 


Must Have Pregnancy Items

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Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are an essential pregnancy survival kit item and ,all pregnant moms need them.

Prenatal vitamins are a functional and logical item for a pregnant mom.

If regular prenatal vitamins make you sick, try gummy vitamins because they are easier to take than those giant pills.


Baby Bump Stickers

Want to celebrate every week? Do it with baby bump stickers. These stickers help you document your pregnancy in such a fun way!


Body Pillow

A body pillow is one of the must have pregnancy items that you need in your pregnancy survival kit.

Your pregnancy will get uncomfortable and ,it will get hard to sleep at times with your growing belly.

A body pillow will be a lifesaver to help you get through those sleepless nights.


Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch mark cream will be your BFF when you are pregnant!

Sure we know that our growing belly is for a good cause, but sometimes it doesn’t make it any easier when we see that first stretch mark.

So grab some stretch mark cream as you might want to later it on to help fight those stretch marks.


Good Bra

Mama, don’t compromise during your pregnancy! Your key to surviving your pregnancy is having a good bra that fits!

Go get measured and get the one that is right for you!


Good Shoes

I know you love cute shoes, I do too, but when you are pregnant, you definitely want to be wearing good supportive shoes.

These will give you the support you need to carry the extra weight you are carrying that sweet bundle of joy around!


Morning Sickness Supplies

Morning sickness is no joke, and so it is a must to have morning sickness supplies in your pregnancy survival kit.

Some common items may be tums, saltines, ginger ale, ginger tea, mints, preggie pops, etc.

You are going to be eternally grateful when morning sickness (or all day sickness) hits when you have these necessary morning sickness supplies on hand.


Emergency Cash

Have you been in the car yet and had a craving only to find out that you don’t have any money or have forgotten your debit card?

Well, have no fear next time this happens. Add some emergency cash in your glove box of the car that way when you are driving past your favorite restaurant and get a craving you can stop knowing you have some cash on hand!


Cravings Snacks

Snacks are another pregnancy must!

You want to make sure you are always packing healthy snacks to help you get through the day.

There is nothing worse to be in the middle of the store or running errands when you suddenly get hungry and have nothing on hand.

When you are pregnant you are going to want to have some craving snacks ready. Some must-haves are pickles, chocolate, peanut butter, or some salty chips!


 Journal or Book

A baby journal or baby book is a really special way to keep track of all your happenings throughout your pregnancy.

There are so many different types of pregnancy journals that you are sure to find the perfect one to track your pregnancy journey in.


Water Bottle

No pregnancy survival kit is complete without a water bottle. During your pregnancy you need to make sure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day, so finding a good water bottle can help you with this so you always have water on hand!

Think about grabbing an insulated water bottle especially if you live in a warm climate to keep the water extra cool.


Sleep Aids

Since sleep is so difficult during pregnancy, comfortable and luxurious sleep aids can feel like such a relief to a pregnant woman.

Grab a collection of lotions, soaps, and creams that aid in sleep or a few nice candles. Eye masks or cozy slippers would be great too!

Think about what helps you sleep and pass it along! Just make sure everything is pregnancy safe.


Thank You Cards

Thank you cards would be a wonderful addition to your pregnancy survival kit.

There are so many gifts received when you are pregnant and it is so much easier to send thank you cards when you already have them on hand.

So grab some simple cards and matching envelopes to have on hand to make life a little easier on you.


Essentials for Mama and Baby

After getting a few items off this pregnancy survival list and sleeping better thanks to that body pillow now are you finding yourself starting to make a list on what you need as a new mama? Look no further I have the perfect box for you!

Feeling ill or just don’t know what you should have on hand now that you are pregnant? Check out this pregnancy survival kit to figure out your must have pregnancy items! 

I have found the perfect starter box for mama and baby and it has so many essential things you need all in one box. This box is exactly what mama and baby need to help them get started on all the important items!

Feeling ill or just don’t know what you should have on hand now that you are pregnant? Check out this pregnancy survival kit to figure out your must have pregnancy items! 

In Kind Boxes is filled with so many essential items delivered right to your door. Including: Lip balm, Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, Diaper Balm, Vegan Nipple Butter, Baby Healthcare Kit by the Red Cross, Digital thermometer, Reusable nasal aspirator, Baby comb, Medicine dropper with cap, Nail clippers, and so many more.

Feeling ill or just don’t know what you should have on hand now that you are pregnant? Check out this pregnancy survival kit to figure out your must have pregnancy items! 

You can order one today for yourself as a great starter box to prepare for your new baby or it’s the perfect gift to buy for that new mama in your life!

What are your must-have pregnancy items to include in a pregnancy survival kit?


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