10 Ways to Prepare for Kindergarten

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As the summer starts to come to a close the realization is setting in that Talie will be starting Kindergarten. Where did the time go, seriously? As we begin to prepare for Kindergarten I thought we would share these 10 simple things we are doing to prepare for an exciting year of learning and growing. 

10 Easy Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Establish Routines

Establishing a routine with your kids is so important, especially your kids going into Kindergarten. You can establish a good bedtime routine as well as a reading routine. 

As you begin to follow these routines it will make it easier for your child once school begins. 

Teaching your Kindergarteners to follow a schedule will help them with the transition into Kindergarten immensely. 

Talk to Your Child What Kindergarten Will Look Like

Kindergarten is a little bit scary for your kids. They don’t know what it is like because they have never been there before. Talking with them about what they will do at Kindergarten will help with the transition. Tell them all the fun things they will do and all the things they will learn while at school. 

Get them excited about learning and going. 

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs has been the perfect way for Talie to prepare for Kindergarten. It is so fun watching her learn through games, songs, and interactive animations. Also, If she loves a game she can play it again and again. Which did not matter because she was still learning while playing! 

Reading Eggs also has a rewards program for when she makes progress she will receive a golden egg. Later she can spend those eggs on fun rewards, games, or change her avatar or house (her favorite thing to do). Knowing that she was having fun and learning at the same time was a win win for both of us. 

The best thing about Reading Eggs is that your child can try it free for 30 days! 

How old should your child be to use Reading Eggs?

Now matter the reading level your child is on, Reading Eggs is designed to help! Reading Eggs is designed for kids ages 2 to 13. It is perfect for a beginner reader or more fluent reader.

With three programs, you can choose the best Reading Egg platform that is right for your child. These programs include Reading Eggs Junior, Reading Eggs, and Reading Eggspress.

Your child’s progress is measured at the end of each learning path on the map. 

You will receive an email with their updated reading progress as well as the reading skills and concepts they have covered so far.

It tells me:

  • The phonics letters and sounds she worked out
  • Phonically decodable words
  • Vocabulary words
  • HIgh-frequency sight words
  • Home learning tip
  • Bonus materials in the parent dashboard which includes printable sheets to reinforce lessons

I love getting an email with Talie’s progress because it allows me to review and talk with Talie about what she has learned and supplement in simple ways as we play. And the helpful home learning tip is a lifesaver when I am short on time

For more information be sure to visit Reading Eggs FAQs

Practice Sight Words

At every grade level, your child will learn sight words. Sight words are words that your child should recognize without having to sound them out. 

Practicing Kindergarten sight words during the summer helps prepare them for Kindergarten and gives them a little head start once school starts.

You don’t have to go crazy by teaching them to your kids. Some easy ways to learn sight words are:

  • Rainbow write words. Write 5 sight words on a piece of paper and have your child trace them with different colored crayons. 
  • Practice at the breakfast table. Write sight words on 3×5 cards and each day pick 5-7 words to practice at the breakfast table. You will be surprised how quickly they pick up the words with just a few minutes a day. 
  • Swat a word. Place 10 sight words on the ground and say a word and have your Kindergartener slap the word with their hand.
  • Reading Eggs. In the Reading Eggs app, there is a section specially designed to help your kids practice sight words. 

Working with your child each day for just a few minutes will turn them into an excellent reader as well as get them set to start the year off right in Kindergarten. 

Buy Supplies

Buying supplies for school is exciting for kids. They love to pick them out. Let them pick out their backpack and their lunchbox. Let them grab their box of crayons out of the crayon bin at the store. 

When possible let them pick the colors that they would like for their supplies. 

Practice Writing

Have your child practice writing. Have them write, write, and write some more. This helps strengthen fine motor skills as well as gets them better at writing. Things you want them to write are:

  • First and Last name
  • Numbers
  • Alphabet (upper and lower case letters)
  • Sight words

Some kids will not feel confident just writing words. If this is the case, have them trace numbers and letters at first. Once they build confidence with this, then have them start following a dot pattern. After they have mastered this, then have them move on to writing the letters, numbers, and words on their own. 

Be sure you encourage them with lots of positive praise as they try to write new words. Certainly most of the time they won’t be spelt right, but the positive praise will make them want to keep trying. 


Let them cut! Grabbing kid scissors is important when teaching them to cut. Give them things to cut. Grab a cutting book at the store, or print off some zig-zag patterns for them to cut. 

Sometimes I give Talie a piece of scrap paper and let her try and cut circles out of it. 

This is simple practice to help strengthen those fine motor skills that they will use while at Kindergarten. 

Basic Math Skills

Teaching basic math skills is helpful as well. We do this by counting while we drive down the road or while we are picking up toys. Set a number of toys for your child to pick up and have them count as they pick up. This teaches them to associate a number with an object and preps them to do math problems later on. 

When eating, ask them how many grapes they have on their plate or how many crackers they have? This is simple counting that helps prepare them for Kindergarten even more. 

You can even grab some sorting bears and teach them simple addition with them. 

Read Simple Books

Read simple books together. Take time every day to read. This will help your child start to recognize words that they know. Have them help tell the story by looking at the pictures. 

When your child is ready to start reading you can introduce them to the Reading Eggs Book packs. I love the Reading Eggs Book Packs that you can order with your Reading Eggs Subscription. Depending on the pack you choose you can receive up to 80 books to help teach your child to read. 

Practice following directions and taking turns

Your child’s kindergarten teacher will thank you forever if you help your child learn to follow directions and take turns. 

When following directions, start with 2 step directions. 

“Talie go into the kitchen and get the grapes out of the fridge.”

“Pick up the toy and put it in the basket.”

“Go into the bathroom and brush your teeth.”

Once they have mastered two-step instructions then start using three and four-step directions. This will train their brain to listen to directions and then act. 

Along with that teach your Kindergartener to take turns. You can do this by:

  • Playing board games and taking turns
  • Setting up play dates with friends
  • Allowing siblings to go first. 

Going to kindergarten is an exciting time for your kids and for you. Don’t stress if your kids are not where you think they should be. Make learning fun for your kids so they will be excited to go to school. 

How are you preparing for kindergarten with your kids? Share your tips in comments! 

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  1. I can’t believe some Kinders are starting the year off e-learning. What a weird time this is! I do love all your ideas though and these will come in handy for sure. The sight word games are fun. I can do those even with my older kids.

  2. Thanks for these tips! I have a rising kindergartner too! The swat game and rainbow writing for sight words sound like fun!


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