How to Prepare For an Unexpected Houseguest

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The unexpected visitor can throw you for a loop especially when they need to use the bathroom. But good news! We have 4 simple ways to prepare your bathroom to never be thrown off guard again. 

Preparing for the Unexpected Guest

I know you all can relate to the knock on the door of someone “dropping off” something unexpectedly that has to use the bathroom. You will, of course, invite them in but the first thought that will run through your head is oh my gosh is my bathroom clean, and does it smell like someone just went number 2?

I have the perfect solution for you on how to prepare for those unexpected houseguests. 

4 simple ways to Always have Your Bathroom Ready to Go

With so many boys in this house, you could say that they aren’t so good about making sure that the bathroom is ready for the unexpected visitor that has to use the bathroom. There are many times that they run the roll completely empty, make it smell like death after taking care of their business, and leave dirty towels on the counter thinking that we should keep using them. Gross, I know! With these tips, you will have a presentable bathroom at a moment’s notice. 

Wipe down bathrooms every night

This is a lesson I learned a long time ago and have been doing for years. All you have to do while your kids are brushing their teeth at night is take a disinfecting wipe and wipe down the toilet seat and the toilet. After your kids are done brushing their teeth take another wipe and wipe down the counters and sink. This will be something that will help ease that fear of a messy bathroom the next time your doorbell rings. 

Keep an extra roll of toilet paper on the back of the toilet

Keeping an extra roll of toilet paper is key to always being prepared. This can be challenging when you have more than one bathroom but just focus on the bathroom that is the one your guest will mainly use when visiting your house. 

Stock your bathrooms with an extra roll or two of toilet paper that sits behind the toilet or in plain sight. That way your guest will never enter your bathroom and have no toilet paper to use or be rummaging around in your cupboards and closets in the bathroom looking for toilet paper.  

Basket of towels on the counter 

Having a basket with clean hand towels so your guest can grab a clean fresh one to use is a great way to be prepared for company that stops by. I like to keep a basket on the counter specifically for guests to use. That way after they leave I can quickly wash the towels and return them to the basket for the next guests that come. 

Stock up on Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Spray

Air Wick Pre-Poop spray is my lifesaver to living with boys! I have taught them how to properly prepare the toilet so that the smell of death no longer lingers when they are done with their business. 

It is so easy to use! 

  • Just shake well.
  • Spray 3-5 squirts into the toilet water
  • Take care of business and flush
  • Leaving the bathroom smelling fresh and amazing!

By teaching them how to use this every single time it gives me peace of mind when I tell my guests, “Oh yes, the bathroom is right over there.”

Not only that but!

It is a known fact that many people do not like to poop places besides home because they are nervous about the smell that may be left behind. I like giving my guests peace of mind when having to go #2 at my home. 

Because of this, I usually have Air Wick Pre-Poop Spray behind the toilet as well as in a container on the counter so they feel comfortable grabbing it and using it. 

Having Air wick Pre-Poop spray visible in the bathroom gives your guest the peace of mind of taking care of all their bathroom needs without feeling anxious one bit! 

Air Wick Pre-Poop spray is easy to use and the perfect solution to leaving the bathroom smelling better than before it was used. 

In fact, I love how convenient the containers are that I can easily keep one in my purse so I have it while I am in public or at a friend’s house. 

I always grab the Air Wick Pre-Poop spray at my local Walmart or add it to my Walmart Grocery Pick up order. 

Fresh New Towels

Another tip to being prepared is to have some fresh new towels in your linen closet. This will help you be prepared for anyone who is staying longer than expected and you aren’t caught up on your laundry. Having fresh new towels to grab on short notice will be a lifesaver for you! 

These simple tips don’t take much time at all and it helps everyone feel comfortable while visiting you and your family. 

How do you prepare for the drop off house guest? Share in the comments! 

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