Pulling the Plug on Technology

Does your family spend too much time plugged into technology? Pulling the Plug on technology strengthens relationships. These tips will help pull the plug!

Pulling the Plug on Technology

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If your family is like ours, then you are on your phone, computer, or gaming system way too much! The other day I asked the boys to watch Tony for me. They took him upstairs with them and they plugged themselves into a game they were playing… Something told me to go check Tony (read more about it here). After that experience, I knew it was time for our family to pull the plug on so much technology! Pulling the plug on technology strengthened our relationships with each other and we have so much fun with one another rather than staring at a screen!

With Summer here it is the perfect time to Pull the Plug on Technology and connect as a family!

 connect as family

How to Pull the Plug on Technology

Pulling the plug on technology might seem overwhelming! I get it! I mean I spend hours a day staring at my computer working. It does not have to be overwhelming though with these tips.


Tips for Pulling the Plug on Technology

-Have hours that you are unplugged.

I am not suggesting you pull the plug on technology altogether. Technology is a good thing, don’t get me wrong on that. But what I am suggesting is that you have technology free hours so that you can connect. Our technology free hours go from 6pm-9pm Sunday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, they differ a little. Especially if we want to have a family movie night with each other. But the point is, we unplug from our individual devices and do something as a family.

-Brainstorm Ideas

pull the plug on technologyThe best advice I can give you when it comes to unplugging and connecting as a family is brainstorm things you want to do as a family. What do you and your spouse want to do? What do the kids want to do? When you involve everyone in the planning it makes everyone want to go technology free. Making a Summer Bucket list is a great way to write all those activities down in one place!

-Talk up What You Will Do

Talk up the things you are going to do! No teen or tween is going to willingly shout for joy when you say we are unplugging from technology. But if you talk up what you are going to do they will start to get excited as well!

Here are some Great Ideas to Do With Your Family


-Play board gamespull the plug on technology (1)

-Go to a local Park and Fly Kites

-Go Outside and play kickball or Wiffleball

-Have a Dance Off

-Have Sidewalk chalk Drawing Competitions

-Read a book together

-Go Fishing

-Play in the Backyardpull the plug on technology (3).png

-Plan your Next Big Vacation

-Have a Cooking Competition

Decorate cookies and eat them

-Make Snow Cones

-Go on a Family Walk

– Make Homemade ice cream

Camp under the stars in your backyard

-Just talk and Laugh with one anotherpull the plug on technology (4)

-Go to the Park

-Go to a Sporting Event

-Take a Trip to the Waterpark/ splash park

Once you unplug from technology and start having fun with each other, it is easier to forget about work and what you need to do. It is easier for the kids to forget about the latest video craze that is happening. The kids now look forward to technology-free hours because they know we are doing something fun as a family! Unplugging puts the focus back on what is truly important and that’s family!

What are you going to do when you unplug and connect as a family?

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Does your family spend too much time plugged into technology? Pulling the Plug on technology strengthens relationships. These tips will help pull the plug!




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  • Claudette

    I’m conflicted. I think I’ll loosen the rules on how much they can plug in, but it’ll be part of their summer plan for sure. Mine are older now (tween and teen) and technology is part of their thing. Looking at our first part of summer, they both have activities and sports scheduled, in between that, if they want to play video games or minecraft or whatever, I think I’ll be fine with that.

    When the kids were much younger, we did all of the things you suggested and honestly, it was easier then.

    June 12, 2018 at 10:06 am Reply
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