175 Questions to Ask Kids to Get them Talking More!

Last Updated on May 26, 2021 by Michele Tripple

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Unsure how to connect with your kids and get them talking more? These questions to ask kids can help you get them talking about something they really enjoy!

Questions to Ask Kids

Let’s be honest, sometimes it can be a challenge to carry on a conversation with kids. Whether it’s your own kids, your friend’s kids, or kids that you work with, having a meaningful conversation can be really hard especially when they are giving you one-word answers!

At times this can be because kids don’t feel comfortable talking. Maybe they are shy or maybe they just don’t understand the conversation enough to participate. Whatever the issue, we’ve got you covered with these questions to ask kids. These questions will help you get to know the kids, make them (and you) laugh, and help you carry on a conversation that can be very meaningful. 

Don’t always have time for a full conversation? You can also send good morning texts to kids to make their day and let them know you’re thinking of them!

How to talk to kids

Before we jump into these questions to help talk with kids better, it is important to understand how to talk to kids. When getting to know kids, it’s important to show genuine interest! They can tell when you are disinterested in what they are talking about. 

Another great way to encourage kids’ creativity and curiosity is to ask them questions! When you ask kids questions (especially great questions like these), it shows kids what makes a good, thoughtful question and their inquiring skills will improve. After you ask a question, really listen to their answer. And be prepared for them to shoot the same question back at you! Build upon that question with a conversation, just don’t ask them question after question.

Fun questions to ask kids

These questions may seem random, but that is half the fun! These fun questions for kids will really make kids think before they answer and you’ll likely learn a lot about them too!

  1. If you spent an entire day outside, what would you do?
  2. If your stuffed animals could talk to you, what would they say?
  3. What makes the best fort?
  4. Who is your favorite character from a book?
  5. What makes you happiest?
  6. What is your dream pet? What would you name it?
  7. What makes you laugh the hardest?
  8. If you could open a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve? What would you call your restaurant?
  9. What do you find really annoying?
  10. If you could make up a new holiday, what would you celebrate? What would you call your holiday?
  11. What is your favorite season? What do you like most about it?
  12. What is an invention that you came up with?
  13. If you could turn into any animal, which would you choose? Why?
  14. What do you daydream about?
  15. If you wrote a book, what would it be about?
  16. If you were a fashion designer, what would the clothes you designed look like?
  17. What are three things you are looking forward to?
  18. If you joined the circus, what would your act be?
  19. If you were a teacher and could teach whatever you wanted, what would it be?
  20. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
  21. If it started raining food, what kind of food would you want it to rain?
  22. If your family lived in the zoo, what kind of animals would they all be?
  23. If you could be any age for the rest of your life, what age would you choose to be? Why?
  24. What famous person do you wish you could meet?
  25. What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

Questions to ask kids to get to know them

These questions go beyond the basic “what is your favorite color?” or “what is your favorite food?” Of course, those are some things you might want to know too, but if you’re looking to know your kids on a deeper level, these questions are for you!

  1. What is something awesome about you?
  2. What are you really good at?
  3. What is something you wish you were better at?
  4. What is your favorite thing about your friends?
  5. What does honesty mean to you?
  6. What is your favorite place in the world?
  7. What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
  8. What is your wildest dream?
  9. What is your best memory?
  10. If your friend asked you to keep a secret that you didn’t feel comfortable keeping, what would you do?
  11. What is one thing you would change about the world?
  12. Have you ever felt lonely? What helped you feel better?
  13. What helps you fall asleep at night?
  14. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
  15. When you feel angry, how do you deal with it?
  16. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
  17. What is the scariest dream you have ever had?
  18. What do you want to do when you grow up?
  19. What is the hardest thing you have ever done?
  20. What nice things have your friends done for you?
  21. If you were the parent for the day, what rules would you make?
  22. What is your favorite smell?
  23. What is the most important lesson you have ever learned?
  24. What are some of your goals?
  25. What was your favorite birthday? Why?

Questions to ask kids about their parents

It’s always interesting to see things from a kid’s perspective. What parent doesn’t want to understand how their kids see them? These questions will provide some laughs as well as some insights into how kids view adulthood and parenthood.

  1. If your parents were your age, do you think you’d be friends with them?
  2. Who is funnier – your mom or your dad?
  3. What would you do if you were the parent and your parents were the kids?
  4. Which parent is more fun to spend time with – your mom or your dad?
  5. Which of your parents would laugh more if you pulled a prank on them?
  6. How old are your parents?
  7. What do you think your parents were like when they were your age?
  8. What are your parent’s favorite things?
  9. What jobs do your parents have?
  10. What is something your parents always say to you?
  11. What makes your mom/dad happy?
  12. What makes your mom/dad angry?
  13. What is something your parents are bad at?
  14. How are you and your parents the same?
  15. How are you and your parents different?
  16. What do your parents hate doing?
  17. If your parents were famous for something, what would it be?
  18. What does your mom do all day?
  19. What does your dad do all day?
  20. What do you like doing with your parents?
  21. Do your parents trust you? Why or why not?
  22. What do you love most about your parents?
  23. If you could change one of your parent’s rules, which rule would you change?
  24. How tall is your mom/dad?
  25. If your parents had superpowers, what superpowers would they have?

Silly questions to ask kids

There is nothing more precious than a child’s laughter. And these questions are sure to bring about some giggles. Prepare for countless laughs from both you and the kids!

  1. If you could only eat food that was one color for the rest of your life, what color would you choose?
  2. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? What was it about?
  3. If you were on a treasure hunt, what would you hope to find?
  4. Would you rather be able to turn invisible or be able to read peoples’ minds?
  5. If you could choose between having three eyes or three arms, which would you choose?
  6. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  7. If you changed places with your pet for a day, what would be the best and worst parts of the day?
  8. Would you rather be a bird or a fish?
  9. If one of your toys could come alive, which toy would you choose?
  10. Who would win in a fight: Iron Man or Batman?
  11. If you could make a mess with anything, what would you make a mess with?
  12. If you were the last person on earth, what fun things would you do?
  13. What is the best prank you have ever seen?
  14. Where is the best hiding place during hide-and-seek?
  15. Who would win in a fight: 20 gorillas or 500 bees?
  16. What is the funniest thing you’ve ever done?
  17. If you could live inside any video game, which video game would you choose?
  18. How many aliens are in your school class?
  19. What is the best joke you’ve ever heard?
  20. If you were a superhero, what would your name be?
  21. If you had to be a villain in a movie, which villain would you choose?
  22. What would the world be like if kids were in charge of everything?
  23. If there was one food you could eat every day, what food would you choose?
  24. Who would win a singing contest: Olaf or Elsa?
  25. If you could be any cartoon character, who would you choose?

Questions to ask little kids

When asking questions to younger kids, keep them short and simple. It is unlikely that a younger kid will be able to understand longer questions. And don’t be afraid to bring some make-believe into the conversation! 

  1. What is a mermaid’s favorite treat?
  2. What do dragons like to do most?
  3. What is the cutest name for a puppy?
  4. What do crocodiles say?
  5. What are you really good at?
  6. Have you ever had a pet? What was its name?
  7. What is snow made out of?
  8. Where does rain come from?
  9. Why is the sky blue?
  10. What is at the end of a rainbow?
  11. What do you wish would come out of the sky when it rains?
  12. What is Santa Claus’s favorite food?
  13. Do you wish you could breathe underwater?
  14. What would you name a pet fish?
  15. Why don’t dogs lay eggs?
  16. What is your favorite song?
  17. Would you rather eat raisins or green beans?
  18. Do you like to take baths or showers?
  19. Would you rather be an astronaut or a firefighter?
  20. What do you think animals talk about?
  21. What do you love most about yourself?
  22. What is your favorite treat?
  23. How big is the moon?
  24. What superpower do you want?
  25. How strong are you?

Questions to ask kids about school

When asking about school, it is really easy to stick to basic questions like, “what is your favorite subject or how was your day?” Of course, there is nothing wrong with questions like that. But these questions will take you a little further than just the one word answers. They really help you understand what the child thinks about school.

  1. Which cartoon character do you wish was your teacher?
  2. If your teacher had one superpower, which power do you think they would have?
  3. What is your favorite subject in school? Why is it your favorite?
  4. Have you ever had a class pet?
  5. What is the most scared you’ve ever been at school?
  6. What do you like to do during summer vacation?
  7. Have you ever been bullied at school? What did you do about it?
  8. What is the best part about school?
  9. What is the worst part about school?
  10. Who is the best teacher you’ve ever had? Why were they your favorite?
  11. What subject are you really good at in school?
  12. Do you like PE? Why or why not?
  13. What does a normal day at school look like?
  14. What is the best lunch that they serve at your school?
  15. Do you always do your homework?
  16. What is one subject in school you wish you were better at?
  17. What do you do at recess?
  18. What is the funniest thing that ever happened at school?
  19. Did anything embarrassing ever happen to you at school?
  20. What do you like learning about most?
  21. What is your favorite book you’ve ever read at school?
  22. Have you ever been the teacher’s pet?
  23. What was your favorite grade in school?
  24. Have you ever been in trouble at school?
  25. If you could sit anywhere in the classroom, where would you choose?

Questions to ask kids about their day

At the end of the day, we may have the tendency to ask “how was your day?” to which most kids will respond with, “fine.” These questions will help kids reflect on what was hard or meaningful about their day and can lead to some great conversations well past the question.

  1. What examples of kindness did you see today?
  2. Did anything silly happen today?
  3. What is something creative that you did today?
  4. What is the best thing that happened to you today?
  5. What is the worst thing that happened to you today?
  6. Who was a good example of courage to you today?
  7. Did you feel safe today? Were there any times you felt unsafe?
  8. What was something surprising about today?
  9. What is something you learned today?
  10. What did you have for lunch? Did you like it?
  11. If you had to rate your day on a scale from 1-10 (with 10 being the best day ever), how would you rate it?
  12. How did you treat others today?
  13. What made you feel proud today?
  14. Did you see anyone being unkind today? What did you do about it?
  15. Did you help anyone today? How?
  16. What motivated you today?
  17. What did you do to reach one of your goals today?
  18. How were you better today than you were yesterday?
  19. What was something that challenged you today?
  20. Did you read anything today? What did you read?
  21. What positive emotions did you experience today?
  22. What negative emotions did you experience today?
  23. Would you consider today a “good day?” Why or why not?
  24. What is something that made you nervous today?
  25. Was today better than yesterday? Why or why not?

What questions do you ask your kids that we should add to the list? Share in the comments below!

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