Shoot For the Loot in Rabbit Pirates

Are you looking to expand your game collection for family game night? Have you looked into Rabbit Pirates twist on an old classic of war by Rooster Fin.

Shoot For the Loot in Rabbit Pirates

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With Summer fast approaching I always like to have all kinds of different things for the kids to do that does not include electronics. One of our kids’ favorite things to do is head into the game closet and find a game that we can all play together! Family game night is a BIG DEAL in our house! With that being said, we never pass up an opportunity to try out a new game. When the boys heard about Rabbit Pirates Shoot For Loot they were excited to add it to the game closet!

Object of the Game

Rabbit Pirates is similar to war, but instead of winning cards you win treasure tokens. How you win tokens is by having the highest number on that map board. At the end of the game you add up your tokens and the player with the highest score wins!

How To Play Rabbit Pirates

This game is designed for 2-4 players. At the beginning of the game, each player picks 1 of the 4 character cards. You place the 3 island maps in the middle of the playing surface and add 10 treasure tokens face down on the X on each map. You then shuffle the deck and you are ready to go!

At the beginning of each round, all the players draw three cards. Then they strategically place their card under each of their characters cannon trying to win each of the maps. When all the cards are in position, you flip over each card to see if you have the highest value shot out of the cannon! If you do, then you win 1 token from the top of that treasure map! There are 2 wild cards which allows you to claim all three treasure tokens that round!

Once all the treasure is claimed the game is over. You then add up all your treasure tokens. The player with the biggest loot wins!

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What’s Included?

Rabbit Pirates comes with everything you need to play!

-4 character cards

-60 playing cards

-3 treasure maps

-30 Treasure Tokens


Rabbit Pirates

The suggested age for Rabbit Pirates is for 7 and up. But in my opinion, if your child has a good concept of their numbers at a younger age you will be able to include them. They might need some help counting their treasure at the end, but they can still have fun with the whole family. Overall, Rabbit Pirates brings a little bit of math into a game that brings out a little friendly competition among siblings as they fight for pirate treasure.

With @Roosterfin games, you get a little bit of education mixed in with a lot of #FamilyFun. Their vision is to create simple family fun games that teach while having fun as a family. This vision comes through in this game. We certainly will be pulling it out of the game closet again soon for family game night. 

You can find #RoosterFinGames on Facebook. If you are interested in other games by Rooster Fin be sure to check out our review of Wild Dash!


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