Rainy Day Boredom Ideas for Kids

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All parents know that a rainy day for kids is the adult equivalent of attending a work meeting that could have been an email. It’s boring and you feel like you could be doing better things during that time. Here are the best rainy day boredom ideas for kids as well as some of our best rainy weekend ideas.

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Rainy Day Boredom Ideas for Kids

The rainy season for kids can be taxing on all parties involved. Having everyone inside and feeling trapped is a great way to start all sorts of problems. Plus it can be hard to come up with good ideas for rainy days. The good news is no one has to feel that way anymore! Here we list some of the best rainy day ideas for kids. This list has some of the best rainy weekend ideas for kids, toddlers, and teenagers.

Jump in the Puddles

Go ahead and put on your kids’ rain jackets, rain boots, and umbrellas and let them go jump in the puddles!

Kids will love jumping in the puddles! Not only will they get energy out, but they will have so much fun getting wet!

Aren’t these the cutest Rain clothes for kids? Tony loves his space rain boots and space umbrella. And I love his cute blue jacket with orange lining (runs big) And Talie seriously loves her mermaid rain boots, rain jacket, and mermaid umbrella!

They have a whole collection of awesome toddler rain boots, cute toddler umbrellas, and the best rain jackets! You have to check them out!

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Create a Cardboard Box Castle

Are you a big amazon shopper? Join the club.

A rainy day with kids can turn into one of your best rainy day boredom busters with just a few boxes! Gather your family and work together to build a ginormous cardboard castle! You can use scissors, glue, crayons, paint, and every other craft item imaginable. The kids can all work together as they plan, cut, and paste everything together.

If you have better architectural skills than my family does, this tops the list for great rainy day boredom ideas for kids because after they finish making the castle and painting it, then they get to play in it! Which is a pretty satisfying feeling for a kid.

If you are looking for rainy day ideas for teens, this is a great way to get your teenager’s creative juices flowing!


Clean Out Your Playroom

I know, I know. Your first thought is “no, thank you! That is NOT how I want to spend my rainy day with kids!” but trust me on this one, it’s better than you might think especially if you are looking for busy ideas for rainy days.

If everyone is going to be trapped inside for a time, you want to have fun, but it’s also nice to get things done. This task is hitting two birds with one stone.

Turn this rainy day for kids into a fun organizing day!

Check out our post How To Teach Kids to Get Rid of Toys and then make a game of it! Everyone works together to get rid of those things they don’t need and then you all take a trip to Goodwill or somewhere similar and get a treat afterwards..

This makes for great ideas for rainy days because it takes time, energy, and effort. Your kids will likely be exhausted by the time they are done. It will also bring you peace of mind knowing one more thing is checked off your to-do list.

Join the club and make this rainy season for kids organizing season!

If you have a teenager, this makes for some great rainy day ideas for teens! Have them clean out clothes they grew out of or no longer need.


Play a Game as a Family

If your family is anything like mine, you know sometimes boardgames do nothing but give a one-way ticket into Whiners-Ville where everyone is upset because something is unfair or so-and-so cheated.

Well, I understand. Completely.

You do not want to spend your rainy day with kids that are throwing fits or fighting. Life is not perfect and sometimes board games can be too much for kids. But, when it comes to rainy day boredom ideas for kids, don’t overlook this option!

Rather than spend the day fighting, grab 400 of the Best Who’s Most Likely To Questions to have fun with the kids playing!.

Yup, you read that right. There are 400 questions. That is enough to keep them busy all day and then some!

But if your kids get bored with that, try your family’s hand at 200 Super Awesome Truth or Dare Questions for Kids. These games have become some of my go-to ideas for rainy days.

Not only are these games perfect for your kids, but they can be used when you are looking for great rainy day ideas for teens! This is the perfect way to make the rainy season for kids a fun game season!


Bake Together

Some of my best memories with my grandma come from us baking in the kitchen together. I will always cherish that time we had because not only were we baking, but we would talk and joke and come closer together. Spend your rainy day with kids in an uplifting and meaningful way. This rainy day for kids can turn into a yummy one with some fun time in the kitchen and some yummy baked goods!

The Best Chocolate Crinkle Cookies is one of my favorite recipes to do with my kids. It’s simple enough that we can talk and laugh as we go, yet challenging enough that they can actually help out. Plus, once it’s all over we get to eat cookies together or we put together plates to take to friends or neighbors.

If the rain has you chilled and looking for something yummy, simple, and warm try this Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate which can actually be made a lot of different colors if you want to shake it up a bit.

One last recipe that I love making with my kids are these Easy Christmas Tree Cupcakes. Even if it’s nowhere near Christmas, you can make these and just call them Tree Cupcakes. They’re fun, simple, and so delicious!

Baking is another great addition to the rainy day ideas for teens category because they always have so much to talk about! Even if they aren’t saying much, they have things they can talk about and it will help your relationship grow.

If you don’t want to risk the mess that children bring to the kitchen, you could make this one of those rainy day ideas for adults. Cook whatever you want to cook and then indulge!


Become an Artist

Another favorite from my rainy day boredom ideas for kids arsenal is to use those resources you have to make a super fun activity. Most families with kids have plenty of pencils, crayons, markers, or paint. After gathering up whatever material you want to become an artist with, simply use Google or YouTube to search “how to draw” or “how to paint”.

There are so many fun and engaging “How To” videos and blog posts out there that are sure to make your rainy day with kids very entertaining! This is the perfect way to turn the rainy season for kids into a creative one.

If you have no kids at home, you could also teach yourself watercolor painting or some other form of painting. This is one of those great rainy day ideas for adults.


Dance in the Rain

Let down your guard a bit, put your rain boots on with the kids and all of you go dance in the rain.

Your kids will remember you going outside and dancing with them in the rain for years to come!

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Get Crafty and Put on a Show!

It seems that one gift that all kids are almost born with is creativity. It is innate for them. Use this skill to have some fun! Use this quick 15 minute How to Make Forky from Toy Story 4 tutorial and let everyone make their own Forky. This rainy day for kids will become a lot more fun and interesting with this simple craft.

When everyone has their own Forky, make a stage and let the kids play their own stories! Then they can perform them for you or for each other.

You don’t have to use Forky for this idea. Instead, you could make yourself using a spork and a marker. Super simple, and super fun! Crafts make for excellent ideas for rainy days.


Play with Shaving Cream

Rainy day ideas for toddlers can be hard to come by, however, we have some good ones that might help!

First, start with this make-shift sensory activity.

Spray some shaving cream on a cookie pan and add a few food coloring drops. Not too many because it might dye your baby’s hands! Then let the child get to work!

This is one of my favorite rainy day ideas for toddlers because it is such a great sensory activity that will keep your toddler entertained for hours!

You might want to put them in an old t-shirt and maybe throw a towel down. Things are bound to get messy. But they will have fun!



All kids love bowling. I’m not sure what it is, but it has always been a hit at my house and at all of our friend’s houses.

Bowling indoors can be so easy to set up and so much fun to play! This is another one of those great rainy day ideas for toddlers. Just grab one of your kid’s balls (we know you have lots, we do too!) and then make some pins.

Pins can be made out of anything, empty bottles, paper towel rolls, toilet paper tubes, other toys that stand up straight. The possibilities are endless!

Whenever we do this activity our kids have fun, they run around and get energy out, and they spend a lot of time doing it.

This is not just a toddler activity, bowling would be a great addition to great rainy day ideas for kids or even great rainy day ideas for teens!

If you want to go to the bowling alley, this is one of the best rainy day places for kids and it helps to get that rainy day exercise for kids knocked off the list!


Make a Sticky Spider Web

This is another idea to add to your list of great rainy day ideas for toddlers or rainy day ideas for kids.

Use masking tape to make a giant spider-web in a doorframe you won’t be using soon. Then, have your kids start throwing things at it to see what sticks!

This activity is super fun and bound to get rambunctious, which is fine if channeled correctly. It’s better to be rambunctious during playtime than at bedtime, right? This is also a great way for toddlers to practice their gross motor skills!


Do an Obstacle Course

Rainy day ideas for kids that are active or involve exercise can be hard to find. One way to make sure you are getting that rainy day exercise for kids is to make an indoor obstacle course. Depending on the age of your children, there are a variety of different ways you can do this.

If your kids are old enough they can make different obstacle courses for each other.

For example, you could tell them they have to jump over 3 pillows, do a summersault, and then touch 2 doorknobs. It can be as simple or as complex and you or they want.

If you have a toddler you could opt for something a lot simpler.

Get some masking tape and tape on the floor different lines. Zig-zags, straight lines, circles, etc. Then tell your child they have to walk along the line without stepping off!

This is another fun and engaging way to practice gross motor skills. This is one of the more entertaining rainy day ideas for toddlers, I think!


Go to a Trampoline Park

Another one of the best rainy day places for kids is the trampoline park!

I swear the rainy season for kids gives them extra crazy energy. What better place to get that rainy day exercise for kids than at the trampoline park?!


Go to the Museum

Museums are really great rainy day places for kids. You can learn, play, and have fun together by going to your favorite local museum. This is another great way to get rainy day exercise for kids when you’re walking around all day long.

This is one of the best rainy weekend ideas because it burns time and helps your children to get their energy out. I enjoy the museum a lot too, which is why I keep this on my list of rainy day ideas for adults.


Go to the Movies

I love going to the movies when it’s rainy!

It makes the experience more comfy and fun. The movies are on the top of my list for rainy day places for kids. This is a place where everyone can enjoy themselves and have fun, it’s one of my favorite rainy weekend ideas. Heck, this is one of my favorite rainy day ideas for adults!

If you don’t feel like heading to the movies check out some of the best rainy day movies!


Go to the Aquarium

When it comes to rainy day places for kids, you can’t beat the aquarium. This can be a fun, educational, and entertaining trip for you and your kids!

Plus, you can get that rainy day exercise for kids knocked out with this simple activity! It’s one of the best rainy weekend ideas.

This totally counts as one of those great rainy day ideas for adults.

What do you do on rainy days? Share in the comments!


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